Anna Sui Indonesia Protective BB Cream Launching Event + REVIEW

On Wednesday 12 August, I went to Anna Sui event in Lotte Avenue for their new launched BB Cream. This is my first time event ever and I was a total awkward mess. Anna Sui invited around 20 bloggers to attend to this meeting. Here they explained about their new products and their brand concept in general.

The event is small and closed, but the event room is definitely well decorated and is comfortable. Of course the event started with some welcoming speech, and then the thing we've all waiting for, makeup demo time!

Anna Sui's Pro Makeup Artist, explaining everything that we should know about the product, and she actually looks super gorgeous irl  

I really glad I actually attend this event because I made a lot of new friends in the blogging world. Even some of the bloggers actually reads my blog :o

Though I have a very bad memory skill in faces and names, I really hope in the next event I'll be less awkward and get to enjoy and know more about this blogging community. I want to take more selfie!!!!

With Nataly from natalyliman.com // 
people thought we knew each other from before but this is actually my first time meeting her. And then we watched Fantastic 4 on that day because we're stuck there because of 3in1, and turns out she was my junior in juniorhigh, which means she is my sister's friend, and then she also attends the same uni with my cousin - dunia itu sempit. sekali :D

With super pretty Aldila from Allseebee.com :)))

Ok, now jump into the product review then! 

The new BB cream is a part of Anna Sui's Beach 2015 Collection, and is targeted for the summer when the day is hot and you just don't want the heat to mess with your makeup. It is actually a very great product for Indonesia climate, because you see, it's always hot and humid 24/7, 365 days a year.

The main theme for the BEACH 2015 Collection is smooth, poreless, translucent, and velvety - it does sound like things I want my skin looks like through out summer days - or everyday if you're in South East Asia. 

Anna Sui

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Protective BB Cream "

        type of product        
BB Cream 

#2 Medium Beige

IDR 280.000

The packaging is very, very Anna Sui-ish. This time they said they implemented Anna Sui's favorite flower, poppy to the design. Anna Sui cosmetic design is usually very dark and gothic, but also sweet at the same time, this time they seem to add more "sweetness" in the design. Still, not losing their unique touch. (The poppy cap - amazeball) 

The product itself came in 2 shades (only. Sad. Yes). I do prefer the 2nd shade, and I'm kinda lucky because I get the 2nd shade in my goodie bag. One great thing about this BB cream is it is not warm toned nor cool tone, it's right in the middle and it's really great. Once I swatched this BB cream, I instantly smell the strong scent, they said is all Anna Sui's cosmetic products have a scent that is unique to them.

This BB cream has dewy finish, not super dewy, just-enough-still-looks-natural-definitely-not-oily kinda dewy. The pamphlet says "semi-matte" but for me it's definitely dewy.

This BB Cream also have SPF of 50 PA++++ (four pluses, yes) - not only it beats all my Korean cushion SPF power, it doesn't have white reflects too. Another great point is that it also contain lychee seed extract (firming and brightening) also peppermint (cooling effect --> pore control), and Rosa Canina fruit extract (Moisturizing) and Pearl powder (Radiance). I bet I wouldn't know any of those if I didn't go the launching event. 

The size is small (25ml), just a little bit under regular foundation which usually contain 1 fluid oz, or 30ml. The BB cream came in my favorite, squeeze tube.

One super great thing about this product is for me : it didn't need any primer base for the product to stay on. Still, I use setting powder to get rid of its natural dewy finish to my preferred matte finish. It applies lightly, and coverage wise, so good. I don't need a lot of product to cover my whole face because it spreads out nicely. With the product alone, it stands at least 4 hours without extra sebum on my face. :o

UP before DOWN after
(forgot that I already done half of my face in the before pic. lol)

Overall, I LIKE, no, LOVEEEE this product. Ok, seems like I'm making this one up because I got the product from the event but NOOO. At first swatch, I see how dewy it is and I was like meh. But, the lasting power, even without primer, is fantastic. I didn't expect that. This is my first Anna Sui's product ever and it does raise the hurdles because this is definitely beyond expectation.

This BB Cream is great for those with oily skin, like me, and for those who have drier skin, moisturize enough before applying the BB Cream! On some days, you know when I just got off the bed and still in a dazed moment, the scent seems to be really really strong that I felt it throws a straight jab up to my nose. But, most of the time it didn't bother me. If you are, please sniff it first before purchasing!

Once again, thankyou so much Anna Sui Indonesia for inviting me to the event. I would love to attend more events in the future, but now my day job seems to get in the way zzzzzzzz Thankyou Anna Sui Indonesia for the product and also the lovely pouch! :*

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