REVIEW : The Balm Nude Dude Palette

Hello, sugars! Today I'm going to review a palette I had from sometime ago and in love with! Sorry for skipping with Korean brands for so long because I do have more new western item to review lol!

The Balm

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Nude Dude"

        type of product        

Eyeshadow Palette

USD 36

The Balm Official Site

I do had the Nude 'tube, which is the first neutral palette from The Balm and this is the second edition of the palette. I was very satisfied with my Nude 'tude palette that I did not hesitate at all to purchase this one. 

The inside is almost the same as the first edition, even the brush that came with the palette. The design is almost the same as the first one, just with different eyeshadow shade.

There's a dozen shade in the palette, 4 of them are matte eyeshadows (fearless, flawless, feisty and friendly) and the other are shimmer eyeshadows (fabulous, faithful, firm, fit, flirty, funny, fierce and fine) 

Palette from "The Balm" are all pigmented, and out of all other high end brands, the price is definitely on the lower side. And please, let us not forget the design - it's all so nice but definitely is not cheap looking. One thing is that this palette seems leave more fall outs than the first one, so using a primer is definitely helping. Or for me, I'm pretty much used to do my concealer after my eyeshadow. When I used this for myself, I don't see a lot of fall outs, but whenever I used this palette for other person, it seems to have so much fall outs I have to clean their under eye before I can continue. 

Now that I'm making this blog post, that all the names are adjectives (for a perfect man, I guess) and they started with "F" - anddd I'm "F"ilia! lol. 

Among these 12 shades, my favorite is "Flirty" because it's a pink taupe shimmer shade, I don't think I had this shade anywhere else in my collection! 

I've used this palette, either for myself or for when I did someone else makeup just because this palette is so versatile, it contain everything I ever need. I loved this palette more than the 1st one just because the shades are more neutral and usable for daily makeup! 

And, this palette is made out of cardboard, so it's light and the mirror is big, I love this palette for travelling. Of course, since it's 'paper' you have to becareful for it not to hit something hard for a long time because mine already left with streaks since I put the palette inside my makeup pouch. It probably hit my eyelash curler T_T 

I bought mine from @Joancorner (instagram) for IDR 335.000! 

Thankyou so much for reading! Get to back to you soon! :*

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  1. The colours in this palette are so gorgeous! I've wanted to own a the balm palette in so long but i always end up buying from a different brand =P
    The shades remind me a lot of the Lorac Pro palette though which i own!


  2. The eyeshadows are so beautiful, specially the bottom row. x

  3. Ugh the shadows are sooooo cute! I just brought several palettes from BHCosmetics and I must say for their price they are so superb!

    Jessie @ bijou-heart

  4. That packaging made me laugh! What a funny and beautiful palette! Shame to hear about the fall out though, I really hate eyeshadows that do that and I hate using a primer because it's one extra step. Beautiful pictures!

  5. I think the design of this palette is hilarious xD The colors are so pretty~ Thanks for the review!

  6. ooh I've never heard of this brand before. I love the retro style - tongue in cheek humour of the packaging and you can never have enough nude shadows am I right?? :D


  7. I should try this product <3 Nice review! I love your blogs ^^
    Anyway, I just followed you via GFC, I'd appreciate if you follow me back :)



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