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Hello, sugars! 

I cam see recently every online shops are all about matte lip creams! And I think there's this trend going and it seems most brands came out with their own matte lip cream. 

L.A. Girls USA Cosmetics

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Matte Flat Finish Pigment Gloss"

        type of product        

Lip Cream




L.A. Girl official site

Despite it's chubby tube, the applicator inside is actually very firm and fine enough to draw in your lips without messing everything up! 

Especially with dark colored lip product like this, accurate application is definitely needed because it's really easy for the product to get off your lips line! 

The product itself, amazing. Lip creams are mostly have awesome pigmentation, and so this one does. Also, not to be confused with the name that contain "gloss" on it, this product has 100% matte finish. I think they put "gloss" because it does look like a lip gloss more than a lipstick. I don't know if this just me, but I'm kinda confused because when I tried it turn out 100% matte and I was like.. "where's the gloss..?" 

Now, to compare Korean brand's lip cream to American / Western brand product is that Korean brand's lip creams are mostly still promote "moisturizing" effect on them, thus making their lasting power much, much weaker than the western brands. 

Take 3CE lip lacquer or Etude House's Liquid Lips, comparing to this product. Sure they have the same matte & creamy texture, but you definitely can't compare the lasting power because this L.A Girl Matte Pigment Gloss stays on for like 8++ hours on my lips, even after a very brutal udon eating fiesta I had. But, in comparison, 3CE's and Etude House's are creamy enough for people with dry lips comfortably wear it. I'm just going to state it here because obv people are going to ask anyway since I mostly do Korean brand products review! :) 

Now, back to the product review! The product itself is very creamy and easy to apply, very evenly. I think the lip swatch above is the prettiest swatch I ever did. Don't you think??? :")

Personally, for the shade I LOVE IT SO MUCH. The ol shop owner actually recommend me to try this one because this particular brand have darker shade, even though I was eyeing my eyes on other product (it was a sleek product!) - in which I chose a lighter shade. She was like, come on try this one, the shade is much darker and I think you'll like it. I was like, ok. AND SHE SENT BOTH ITEMS FOR ME. So much emotion ㅠㅠ 

Oh! Do you notice HOW WHITE DOES MY TEETH LOOK. Awesome shade, not only it brightens up my complexion, IT BRIGHTENS UP MY TEETH :"))))

This L.A. Girls Matte Pigment Gloss is honestly great for everyone, they have 16 shades from light to dark (this one is not even the darkest). Though, they apply quite thickly so people who just into liquid lip product might feel "too makeupy", also they are kinda sticky and the stickiness didn't really came off even after a heavy meal, but also is the color, they didn't wear off. 

Because they dries matte, very, very matte, it is best for people with dry lips to exfoliate before and moisturize well! 

I Freakin' love this product. And I would say I love this product 85% because of the shade and 15% for the product itself. During the day, I feel that my lips are sticky, but I could just brush it off because the awesome lasting power and the perfect application I can make from this product! 

Especially with this dark color, I don't really want to maintain it during the day! I just wish it was there as long as I need it (and this product really does that - without bleeding out!). Of course when it's the end of the day, you have to really check does it came off perfectly because it really doesn't come off :p

Wait, did I say that this product is super affordable? USD 5 on their website and IDR 85.000 at @SakuraBlossomShop! 

Sakura Blossom Shop

BBM : 29E84FEF
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WA : 08563438846
Email : sakura.blossom.shop@gmail.com

Check all of their ready collection on their instagram! @SakuraBlossomShop

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  1. Warnanya dramatis.. Berasa karakter Maleficent! ^^

  2. Ahhh warnanya.. Suka! Keracunan deh! XD


  3. ah I've been wanting to try these! I don't know where to buy them in Canada though. lol SO affordable and it looks great!

  4. Really love the color on your lips! On my waiting list :)

  5. La girl is amazeballs, you should try more of their products

  6. I SHOULD! If only they're more accesible from Indonesia tho......


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