REVIEW : Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown

After lurking around this product, I finally gave in.

Today I'm bringing you a review for a product that is not a stranger to beauty maniacs as it had been raved by beauty guru around the world - presenting Anastasia Beverly Hills' Brow Dipbrow Pomade in Medium Brown!

Since this product reviews and swatches are probably everywhere around the world I'm going to review this quickly and focuses on how I like the product for me!

So, I was never a maniac for eyebrow product and I didn't even touch my eyebrow since like, 2 years ago and I've already started writing for my blog. I' don't really care about my eyebrow since I do have sufficient eyebrow hairs and I don't feel the need to groom my eyebrow.

To cut the story short, I finally actually started to groom my eyebrow hair and started to fill them in. Not until recently when I took a close up picture of my eyes and noticed that MY EYEBROWS AREN'T IN THE SAME HEIGHT - yes they were. And I decided to take my eyebrow razor and try to trim the hair day by day slowly and carefully to make them actually in the same height.

That didn't come without any side effects. My brow, that have never been considered being "bald" before, became "bald". Of course lah it doesn't stay bald because I fill them in everyday and things went great UNTIL my eyebrow pencil doesn't actually stands the humidity and sebum level in Indonesia  that during the day it sometimes erased off.

Finally, after a few embarrassing moment of having half-of-my-eyebrow-chopped-off-and-gone-by-the-day I decided to cave in and purchase this product - mostly because a lot of people claimed that it's very very waterproof and sweatproof you don't have to worry about it anymore.

ABH dipbrow pomade retails for USD 18 and while I purchased mine for IDR 298.000 from @dejoyofmakeup (Instagram). This product is probably ABH's best seller - especially in Indonesia and ABH has been know for their brow product since like forever. If you're in Indonesia, I think it's not hard to look for one in your trusted online shops. I recommend you to check Indomakeup.com because I think they sold ABH dipbrow pomade for the lowest price (IDR 258.000)

The product is great, it's like gel liner for the brow. Didn't come with a brow brush so you have to have one. I recommend to look for an angled brow brush. Personally, I thought medium brown will be the best shade for me, but I still find that it's too dark for my liking. But after a few (a lot) trials and errors I can finally make it work to my liking.

from almost botak to fab

This product would be perfect for those who want to amp up their brow game, especially for those who have thin brow hairs. This product is great to combined with heavier / smokey eye looks - If you like to rock heavy brow look daily then it's great for daily too. I don't usually do heavy brows so I did it with a very, very light hand.

I can't recommend this to those who just started doing their eyebrows, because even for me I still have to adapt and try to make it work for my brow. There's time when I went out looking like shinchan.

I think this product is a very good brow product, it's water proof and budge proof - it's just stay there forever until you decided to erase it. And it looks very natural and you can control the thickness of the shade. Personally, for daily makeup I still prefer my eyebrow pencil because it's faster to work with and less dramatic for eveyrday. Ofcourse when I have my 'bald' brow days, I have to use this to cover the baldness lol

Thank you so much for reading guys, I'll see you soon! Ciao Sugars! :D

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  1. Ci, menurut cici ini harganya worth-it ngga ? dan apa yang cici saranin buat dupie nya ini ? :) Thankyouu

  2. I think I love the result! Btw, do you have any recommendation for the eyebrow brush?


    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  3. Dayum gurll brow game is strong!I literally just ordered this the other day and after seeing your pictures i'm even more excited to try it out! I've also heard a lot of people saying that this product is pretty hard to use for beginners and your reference to shin chan literally made me laugh :')


  4. I recently got their Ash Brown (so hard to find a cool toned brown!!) to try out and was pretty surprised. This is one of those products that deserve all the hype they get. Your brows look great! ;)

  5. Thankyou! I know right this product definitely saved my brow a lot of times!

  6. :( some people said that I should buy ABH's brow brush (which is really expensive!) so in the mean time I'm using EH's brow brush (it's pink!) and it's actually easier to use EH's brush because it's a lil bit flimsy, so it make sure I don't apply too much product on my brows!

  7. WORTH IT bgt menurut aku dan rasanya ini engga ada habis2nya.. setauku NYX juga ada, tapi krn udh beli ABH ini aku ga coba2 yang lain. Temenku jg ada yang coba MUFE punya aqua brow dan ktnya mirip, cuma kalo MUFE kan harus dikeluarin isinya dulu kan.. aku pikir kalo kelebihan gitu kan berarti mesti dibuang (soalnya dia bentuknya kan tube) jadi sayang. Kalo ini kan bentuknya pot, jadi gaakan kelebihan kannn :)))

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