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I'm back with a non Korean product this time - a product that have been raved everywhere I guess? It's Colour Pop's Lippie Stix!

Colour Pop

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Lippie Stix"

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Lumiere (matte), Button (satin) and I ♡ this (matte)



I got it from @JoanCorner at Instagram - It's been a while since I knew about this instagram account, since a lot of my friends bought their makeups there but of course while I'm in Korea I can't purchase their products but now that I'm back! I've made a few purchases already!

Since they had a buy 3 or more for Rp. 100.000 each, I got 3 shades that I like! Lumiere, Button and I ♡ this

Nothing special really, it's white stick with retractable lipstick on the inside. In one of her video, Shannonxo actually said that some of her viewers thought she was overturned the lipstick, because of the design in which the top part of the sticks show the lipstick shade /lol

Anyway, I'm glad all my lipsticks are working just fine and are easy to turn up or down. Just - be careful of overturning or you'll experienced what I went through :

Probably because I swatched them right after I received the package, Indonesia is too hot I know.

Pigmentation : Great, Application : Great, Staying Power : Great. Price, Affordable - everything is just above average and I don't have anything to say more about this. 

One thing I noticed is they do have this waxy scents (?) - sometimes money speaks and this one can't get away. I don't know if it just me but waxy scents = cheaply made stuffs, for me atleast. But in the same time I'm glad that this product is soo affordable that I can experiment with more colors! (don't worry I'm gonna expand my lippie stix collection that's for sure!)

Though I like all the shades that I purchased, "Lumiere" came out too grayish for my skin tone. I fell in love with this shade because of Kathleenlights from youtube looks absolutely gorgeous with this "Lumiere" shade, it doesn't work for me.

I'm actually quite OK with the shade, but once my brother said that my lipstick shade made me looks like I'm sick, I became sooo self conscious about that. But when I looked again, it doesn't look flattering in my skin tone as much as someone with paler skin does.

Great for those looking for a cheaper alternative for super bright and pigmented lip color! Colour Pop is indeed famous for their strong pigmentation and affordable price, this one is definitely not a disappointment. 

The biggest problem is probably to look for online shops that sells the shade you want, or if you're patient enough go for a pre-order purchase on your trusted online shops will be a great idea. I'm definitely not a patient girl so I've wondered around for a ready stock solution and I got it! 

Ok guys! Thankyou so much for reading! Do you want to try this awesome and affordable product??? Comment down below! 

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  1. I have never heard of these lipsticks before but omg do they look great! I really want to try them out now *_____*



  2. Super pretty! Its sad that a part of Button broke off, but the colours are so pigmented for such a cheap product!

    Pauline | Catpacking

  3. Its sad that a part of Button broke off, but the colours are really pigmented! This along with their eyeshadows sound like a must-try!

    Pauline | Catpacking

  4. want to say that the nude is great but "I <3 this" color is the greatest for ya. it makes you look so cheerful x)

  5. Love the pigmentation! Button looks lovely on you :) I've heard about this brand but haven't look much into it. May be I'll give it a try! Thanks for the review <3

    Pastel Boulevard

  6. Those shades are so amazing! Love them <3


  7. Suka yang button. Duh sedihnya ya kalo patah :(


  8. I want to try "Button" bcoz never experience with pale shade before and dare to try one <3

    Yuan x

  9. what is the staying power on these? do they come straight off when eating and drinking?


  10. Actually think Lumiere looks best on you! But then again I love darker nudes ^^. I haven't tried anything from Colour Pop yet, and I think I really should!

    Thanks for the awesome review Filia. Btw I'm having a kawaii box giveaway, I would love it if you entered! I always get so stressed when I hold giveaways!

  11. I just got some Colourpop lipsticks too. :D I really wanted some brown-ish pinks. I recently ordered a second lot, including button. Looking forward to them.

  12. Staying power is great! They came of a liltte bit while I'm having a meal but it's still there! :D

  13. IYAA :( tapi bisa dimasukin lagi sih untungnya!

  14. I actually think Lumiere looks quite nice on you! I was going to put an order through but I hate paying so much for shipping so I opted out. lol

  15. Lol! Happens to me all the time!

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