REVIEW : Etude House's Give Me Chocolate in Cherry Truffle

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I wasn't going to review this product because I couldn't find it on the etude website anymore, but I guess usually global EH stores launch their collection later than in Korea, I guess I'll just review these quickly! 

Etude House

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Give Me Chocolate"

        type of product        
Duo Eyeshadow

Cherry Truffle

4.5 g / KRW 8.500

Etude House Official Site (ko)

The collection came in 3 shade selection, Cherry Truffle, Salted Caramel and Cocoa Fudge - the names are just too yummy. Honestly, I can't miss these after looking at the packaging, it's vintage and cute in the same time! 

This product match 2 eyeshadow colors that compliment to each other - and Cherry Truffle is great for daily look. Around the time this was launched, it was near spring and pink eyeshadows are everywhere - i think pink eyeshadow is a more fun alternative to boring neutral colors like brown and taupe. And since I got 2 in 1 pack - no more hesitation, to the cashier I go!

I thought it will be another cardboard-paper-packaging like EH used to do before - I remember they did, I forgot the name though, a chocolate like collection and most of the products are packaged in cardboard boxes. BUT this time, it has another plastic case - which is super nice! It's great for travel and I won't have to think what shadows to combine with each other since - they already have each other. 

For the pigmentation - I'm quite disappointed with the pink one, since it's hard to build on and it got kinda blotchy at some point. While the chocolate color works well - it's such a shame tho because I think 100% of people that purchased this duo will be expecting the pink to work well. 

Here's the look that I made from this duo - even though it takes time to work with the pink, I'm in love with the result! (and made me look for other pink palettes. sigh) And I put a little bit of pink at my eyebrow's inner corner just to tie the look all together. Plus, you can use the pink as a blusher if you want too! It definitely will completed the look! 

Overall, as much as I love the shade, I don't really like the application. It's hard to build on, chalky and blotchy - and the worst part? It happens only to the pink half of the duo set. I'm pretty much torn in between liking it or meh about this product. But the shade is just too pretty to miss - I mean, it's not often to pass out a warm pink shade - in a palette or in a single piece.

So, that's it for my review today! I'll see you soon! xx

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  1. If you're looking for a pink I highly recommend Maybelline Japan's Big Eyes palette in PK-01 Gorgeous Pink. Good pigmentation and gorgeous shades, though the packaging isn't as cute as Etude's ^^

  2. Ah I love the colors! The two colors really match each other c:

    Jessie @ bijou-heart

  3. omg the packaging is so cute but I hate how it doesn't work well...I feel like that happens a lot with Etude House shadows. But you buy it anyways cuz the packaging is so cute XD

    The Artistically Challenged

  4. Thanks for the review! I've seen a couple reviews on this but had a feeling that it wouldn't be the best as swatches seem very meh and I would rather buy one good single than a duo with colors that I don't really love.

  5. I also bought this and also thought it was meh! I do like the color pairing though and am totally willing to work with it with primers and flat brushes to make the colors more apparent. Since the reddy pink is kind of sheer, I might try to make it work as a blush.

    Hao | haodoyoungo

  6. ahh i nearly fell for the packaging for this one! for me its quality > quantity :)


  7. Chintya MarchelineMay 30, 2015 at 4:36 PM

    I wonder how to use make up nicely like you :'(


  8. Supitcha NapavorakulJune 6, 2015 at 12:13 AM

    The packaging is so cute!

  9. Ah, thanks so much for the review! I was so sad to have missed out on this one, because I loved how the pink looked... but as it wasn't all that pigmented anyway, I feel better now! ;)


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