REVIEW : Banila Co. It Moist Seoul Tint in Lacquer #5 Hangang Sunset + hiatus excuses

KYAA I'm so sorry for the super slow update. GRAWR. I'm totally mad at myself because I can't bring myself to sit down and write - writing is definitely not something I'm excel at (or like it) but well, we've gone this far and it's not funny if I just quit and stop writing, right?

Not to make up excuses or anything, but the weeks before today is one of my busiest week ever - to cut it short I'm attending a makeup school at Puspita Martha in Jakarta. It didn't actually take more than 6 hours per day but the transport time I have to go through is about 4 hours per day (Tangerang - Jakarta, traffic jam bla-bla-bla) and whenever I'm home I'm pretty much worn out from the trip. I didn't have time to even watch my favorite tv shows!

Anyway, now I'm back (hopefully) and I do, really, really, want to make this blog active again. I'm so blessed that eventhough I didn't update for atleast 2 weeks++ there's still 2000+ daily views and I'm forever thankful.

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Now, to the real review!

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Banila Co.

      PRODUCT NAME      
It Moist Seoul Tint in Lacquer

        type of product        
lip tint

KRW 14.000

#5 Hangang Sunset

Banila Co Official Site

The packaging is simple, yet memorable. I mean with that huge "SEOUL" written there you would at least remember, "oh, that seoul tint!" - I think that's a very good idea for the design. 

This tint is released not long after Banila Co. changed their main celebrity from Jessica SNSD to Song Jihyo - A very, very smooth moves, considering Song Jihyo's popularity is not to be underestimated! 

I think the most famous shade from this tint line is "Jihyo Pink" - but since I'm not that into baby pink (at the time I was choosing a product) so I went with my signature fuchsia pink shade which is #5 Hangang Sunset 

Aside from all the cute packaging and concept - if you are going to Seoul and you're thinking about getting your friends a great gift from your trip, I will totally recommend you to pick this stuff! Because 1. Nobody hates a lip tint and 2. It has "Seoul" written on it, so souvenir alike much? 

Nothing special about the applicator, it does a little bit longer and thinner at the tip so it's easier for a detailed application. Especially if you're going to make a Korean style gradient look, it will easier to make with thin applicator. 

On the swatch, it looks like it has a shine over it, but actually it wasn't dried yet so it looked that way - after it's completely dried it has a matte finish. and it felt velvety on the lips! Personally even though it is matte, it doesn't dry out my lips.

The lasting power is the champion - it last for hours! Even after a heavy meal, most of the product is still intact. It was probably supported by its strong pigmentation. The color came out very vividly and applies very evenly. 

This product is great for those who want a vivid lips look - the applicator is easy to control, the pigmentation and lasting power is unbeatable. It reminds me a lot to my favorite Innisfree's Vivid Tint Rouge but in a matte finish~

Overall, I love this! It's a very strong color so I like to use it as an accent color by keeping my eye look clean, soft blush and BAM strong lips!

I'm thankful for IBuyBeauti for giving me a chance to try this awesome product from Banila Co. Honestly I thought that this tint will be another mediocre product but it turns out to be a very great one! Well played Banila Co.!

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  1. i have the shade #2 jihyo pink.
    And it JUST stay around 1-2 hours in my lips without drinking and eating. how to make it long lasting?

  2. I didn't have #2 so I didn't really know, but I did not do anything different before I apply it, probably a lip balm before.. maybe because #5 is much darker than #2 so the shade last longer?

    this is why I usually bought 2 shades for lip tints because most of the time the performance of lighter and darker shade is different :(

  3. From the pictures, it looks very similar to Etude House Color In Liquid Lips. Do you know how do they compare?

  4. TRUEEE. I didn't really care about Banila Co before until Song Ji Hyo became the face of it :P


    Oh Dear Bumblebees

  5. This is really pigmented! The tints I always got were sheer. Definitely need to check this line out!

    Pauline | Catpacking

  6. That's amazing you have 2k views! Blogging goals! I hope you are having lots of fun at makeup school :). Bold lip colors look really good on you and this one is no exception xx

  7. Have fun at your makeup classes (and wow, dedication travelling so much!)!!

    This is a beautiful colour on you, I find that lasting lipsticks -especially matte- alllways dry out my lips. ;( but they're perpetually dry and unlike most people's. ;sigh;

  8. I hope you are learning a lot of great things at your makeup classes c: It sounds interesting~

    Btw the color is so pretty!! Everything sounds very promising~

  9. Aww the product has a lot of coverage! I'm glad you like it >O< And the color payoff is nice too :D Please have fun at your makeup classes *V*

    Jessie @ bijou-heart

  10. you won't regret it! :D

  11. thanks!! It passed already and now I have my free time back! :>

  12. lol! yeah I never expecting 2k views daily tho! Thankyou thankyou for the compliment :* :*

  13. Yesss but it's very matte tho! maybe that's why the color pay off is great!

  14. LOL! I think the brand image just got sooo much better with Song Jihyo!

  15. Yes true, but this one's lasting power is so much better than the Color in Liquid Lips.

    They feel a bit different on the lips, Color in Liquid Lips felt like a lip cream while this one totally felt like lip tint(?) - banila co's sticks better to the lips

    but appearance and finishes definitely look similar!

  16. Thank you! No reason not to try this one then. =)

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  18. Good review! I wonder if it contains lead or lead-free? It's so hard to find the ingredients.


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