REVIEW : Hanskin's Bio Guard Sun Mild Sun Cream

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I think this is my ever first time to review (or even used??) Hanskin product! This time I'm reviewing a product called "Bio Guard Sun" Mild Sun Cream. This product is given to me by Miss Seoul Online Shop (@miss.seoul) by 유지민 :) 

To the review! 


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Bio Guard Sun" Mild Sun Cream

        type of product        
Sun Block

KRW 25.000

Hanskin Official Site

The packaging is very simple and it's definitely my kinda thing. It came in a press tube just like all other sunblocks are. The product is 50ml, quite small but you don't really need a lot of this for your whole face - unless you're using it on your whole body - which I don't

The product has a faint lemon-fresh scent - I totally like it! It doesn't have that typical "sunblock"-y scent which I don't hate it either, but I think it's a nice surprise :) It has SPF 45 PA+++ and it's enough for daily wear! 

The product came out white - my thought at first : oh men, another white sunblocks, I bet you it won't be that good. No, NO, I was so wrong. This sunblock is very absorbent, it disappears quite quickly and it didn't have that sticky feeling most white sunblocks have. NONE, just NONE. You wouldn't feel that you have used a sunblock, because it feels just like an ordinary moisturizer! 

And it doesn't appear oily, or whitish on the skin, my foundation stands well layered with this sunblock - GOSH. It will appear that I'm totally over reacting about everything, just because I didn't expect that this product to work that well! 

This product is great for everyone! If you have oily skin like me, I like to trade my day moisturizer with this product, if your skin tends to be dry, then you can use this after your regular moisturizer :) 

Now, this is something that I got from my beauty school (yes I'm attending one!) is that a foundation with SPF is usually weaker than if you layered another sunblock product to your makeup routine. Right now, I'm pretty much using this product daily (in rotation to my Biore UV Aqua Rich) because I realized how important SPF is. I mean, I already spotted some sunspots on my cheek (EEEKK) and it can't be good!! 

If your parent have a lot sunspots (atau flek in bahasa) you probably have to protect your skin from the sun since early age because it runs in the blood!   

I'm very, very satisfied with this product! I don't know that this product is that good - definitely above my expectation! This sunblock is not sticky, not oily, and has this fresh scent, and the best thing is that I know I can buy it from Indonesia! (through the ol shop - lol - it's not an ad, but I'm having a hard time to look for some Korean products in Indonesian since I'm not in Korea anymore booooo) 

Anyway! Thankyou for @miss.seoul for sponsoring this post - and eventually introduced me to a very great product :* 

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  1. Wah..ikutan beauty class yah? nice ^^
    jadi ingat nih, sunblock ku sering dianggurin dan digantikan posisi sama Laneige cushion bb. Klo spf bb cream kita 50, masih harus tambahin sunblock ga?


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