REVIEW : Innisfree's Real Fluid Rouge #9 & #10


Introducing another Innisfree's product :

Innisfree's Real Fluid Rouge! Coming in 10 different color, they're a super high pigmented glossy lip product. Let's take a look at the details!


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Real Fluid Rouge" 

        type of product        
Lip Gloss

#9 카페 브라운  (Cafe Brown)
#10 블루베리 퍼플 (Blueberry Purple)

KRW 12.000

Innisfree Official Site

On the website it was stated that this product is a "lip gloss" - looking at the packaging alone I definitely thought this was a lip tint - and it was not. 

On the packaging it's said that it has vivid color, water plumping effect, great fitting and contain camelia oil. I personally think all of these are true, it has a very glossy, water reflecting finish and the pigmentation is so great (that I thought it was a lip tint). 

#9 Cafe Brown is a muted peach shade, it does look orange in the picture above but it is not that orange in real life. #10 Blueberry purple is a purple fuschia shade, it's my kind of shade! Turns out it is not as purple as the swatch in the website, so no biggie! Still can pull it off :D

#9 Cafe Brown is one of their popular color, It got sold out pretty quick there, especially on the more crowded store - I don't say the other color isn't pretty enough, but the pinks and the oranges are pretty much look the same. 

Though it is very glossy, it is not anywhere sticky, it's very light on the lips too. And I feel the moisture quite for a long time. But on the other hand, the staying power isn't this product forte. After a few hours it did gone completely and it didn't really stain the lips. 

LEFT #9 Cafe Brown RIGHT #10 Blueberry Purple

Coming from the same company, Etude House, this collection is released almost the same time with their Liquid Lips, which has around the same design concept. 

The applicator is quite different from the other Innisfree's product, as it has a little bend on the inside that it fits the lips shade perfectly! And the tip is more narrow, so a clear application is an easy task. 

As it is a very glossy and moisturizing product, this product is best for those who have dry lips or someone with a lot of lines on their lips. I think this kinda product much, much more forgiving for those people :) 

Also, since the lasting power isn't that good, probably someone that can keep touching up will find this product more suitable. 

Overall, I do like it! It's moisturizing and the gloss is just beautiful! I don't usually use this as a lip gloss, but I tend to use it alone. Layering the product will probably add a solution to the poor staying power. However, this product is the less sticky lip gloss I ever own! :D Without losing the shine obviously! 

 me using #10 blueberry purple

me using #9 Cafe Brown

Only to add the satisfaction of purchasing this product, I got 2 pretty bracelet from purchasing this product. Score! (Not forgetting the makeup pouch above too. DOUBLE SCORE!) 

Thankyou so much for reading this review! I know this supposed to be up like, last month. But honestly speaking, I kinda lost the #9 one and been looking it forever, only to find that it was on my room, tucked in a shopping bag. But anyway, glad to finally found the product again and realizing how much I liked these <3

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  1. Wow, the colours look beautiful! You're so lucky you got those cute gifts :D
    Which one did you prefer, Etude House or Innisfree? I'm currently going through a very dry lip period, I guess that would make Innisfree more appropriate right?

  2. Thank you for sharing! :) I looove innisfree and I have almost all of their skincare products but I have yet to try their lip products! Same question as Claudia - which do you prefer, Etude House or innisfree? Because i'm super keen on trying the etude house color in lips too! Ahhh can't decide~~~


  3. The packaging is lovely and so are the colours! They look great on you <3


  4. Melfiana PuspitasariApril 7, 2015 at 11:12 PM

    Yeay you reviewed this. I honestly have always wanted to try this product but I still doubted whether it'd suit my dry lips or not. Reading your review delights me since it's good enough with those w/ a lot of lines on their lips, so thanks :) But one curiosity, which one is better between this and Etude's Liquid Lips?

  5. keduanya cantik warnanya ^^ Lebih suka yg #9, warnanya jarang menurutku

  6. iya tapi dua2nya wearable jadi suka semuanya haha

  7. <3 iya baik banget dikasih :")

  8. Ok, so Liquid Lips is matte, higher pigmentation, and it's a liquid lipstick while innisfree's literally a lip gloss, high shine and have weaker pigmentation, I say pick one that you need! I honestly can't compare (fairly) between those 2 product, because they have completely different purpose! :D (personally I use innisfree's more often because it's lighter and look less "makeup-y")

  9. haha I say choose the one that you need right now! EH's Liquid Lips is literally a liquid lipstick, and Innisfree's is a lip gloss!

    (Personally I use Innisfree's more because it look less makeup-y and it's easier to apply without a mirror! Yey to sloppy beauty blogger! haha)

  10. Thanks for your great review! I really love the color café brown! Real Fluid Rouge is quite popular in Korea~

  11. Both shades look really pretty and these kind of products seem to be very popular right now. Nevertheless I skipped both the EH and the Innisfree version this time.

  12. Melfiana PuspitasariApril 9, 2015 at 8:52 AM

    Thank you! :)

  13. Pretty! Bikin pengen punyaa xD

  14. Ever since dior released their fluid lipsticks so many brands have released products like theirs! I haven't tried any yet though but I totally would love to try this one! I have dry lips or lips that turn dry soooo quickly! Love the blueberry purple shade!

  15. omg Blueberry purple looks absolutely divine on you!!! ahhh I love those purple reds. Cafe brown looks like a great spring/summer shade too!


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