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Introducing (not so) new collection from Etude House : Color in Liquid Lips! Come in 20 shades, I think this is one of Etude's must buy product. Let's jump into the review, shall we?

Etude House

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Color in Liquid Lips"

        type of product        
Lip cream

#BE102 베이지 인 시크 (Beige in Chic)
#PP502 패플 인 프라이데이 

KRW 9.500

Etude House Official Site (ko)

I thought this collection will be like a seasonal collection that Etude House usually do, but it's not! It came in a broad shade collection and not to be biased, but their commercial with Krystal from f(x) uses my favorite f(x) song which is 미행. I love their ad before even the product came out. 

If you've been here for sometime, you'll know that this kinda thing 100% is not my taste. It looks cheap and yeah. Well, we'll just pass on the design because at the end it's stuck on each one of your taste! 

After you screw up the product, you'll see the applicator and it's a tear-drop applicator - great for precision and I think it's the best shape to apply this product as it's so pigmented! 

This product has a strong sweet scent, I like it! It does disappears after application. 

You'll see later at the swatches, the finish of this product has a sheen over it - definitely not matte. The shades are so pigmented, really, really pigmented. I don't think I have a lot of non-matte but pigmented lip product!

BE102 is a beige pink shade, but I think the pink does overpower the beige. It just look like pink in real life too. I use this a lot, it is such an easy color and it does goes with everything. 

PP502 is a bright purpley-pink color, definitely not an everyday shade and honestly I haven't found an appropriate event to use this baby :( nevertheless, I think this shade is a great plus to my collection, I know I have too much plum shades already so this is a good variation! 

As I said before, the product is very very pigmented. It glides buttery smooth on the lips and have this not overly done sheen finish. It doesn't settles on the fine lines or drying out the lips. Even after a while since application you can still feel how smooth your lips are. It's not sticky either! 

It doesn't stain your lips like lip tints do, but for the brighter color it does stain your lips a bit after application. The neutral shade doesn't really left anything. 

However, the lasting power is definitely not this product forte. It doesn't last that long, especially when you go for a meal. It's definitely a high maintain lip product. 

This product is great for everyone, it doesn't cause any major problem on the lips and it's affordable. The shade selection is huge, it has everything from reds, oranges, pinks to purples. This is perfect for those with drier lips that want to try lip creams, since it has a shiny finish, it will be more forgiving!

Since the lasting power is quite weak, I suggest to pick up a neutral shades since it's easier to re-apply. But if you have no problem with re-applying, go ahead and try the brighter shades! 

This is probably Etude House's best lip product invention of the year. I always have problem with reapplication towards EH's lip products collection, but texture and quality wise, this one is the best! This product is everything but long-lasting (and blah packaging) - but other than that? The application experience were amazing!

It's creamy, it's smooth and not drying, and it's definitely super pigmented. Like I said before, most of my lip cream products usually have matte finish, but this one is not. It's definitely much more forgiving to those who have wrinkly / dry lips to use more than super matte lip cream products. 

Thankyou for reading this review! More questions? Comment down below! 
Have a great day darlings :*

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  1. My heart just jumped a bit because I also bought BE102. I didn't think it would be so pink and so I'm a bit worried, but it still looks beautiful.

    Hao | haodoyoungo

  2. I seriously can't get over how nice the packaging of these liquid lip sticks are!! I think this time Etude House did a really good job with creating such a wide shade selection :)) I'm really loving PP502 except I'm probably not brave enough yet to wear such bold colours out haha :P


  3. oh i love the design of the packaging! but i do agree the materials they used to make the design is very cheap looking D: but thats what makes etude house affordable ^_^


  4. oh, I was super excited about this product but the fact that it isn't long lasting kind of blew me off :(


  5. The shade range is so huge I have a hard time choosing which ones to try lol. I love how BE102 looks on you :) Might check this one out! Thanks for the review~

    Pastel Boulevard

  6. Oh both shades are perfect on you!
    The packaging is lovely like always!


  7. ah iya aku cobain ini waktu ke counter etudenya, suka sama hasilnya tapi jadi ilfeel gr2 pas minum lip colornya nempel semua gitu ke gelas -.-

  8. I really want to try this, but every single review I've read has said terrible things about how long it lasts. For me, that is a complete turnoff for a product.


  9. That purple shade looks so good on you! I really want to try these because they look so pigmented and the colors are really pretty. Thanks for the review!


  10. hi ka filia don't you think its kind a lip product from maybelline? i think its really similar with that! btw love the beige one! nice shade


  11. BE102 is so pretty and looks amazing on you! lovely pictures :)

  12. I love the purple one ♥ it looks much lighter than it does from the packaging, you look gorgeous wearing both!


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