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Back to a 3CE product review today <3 Today I'm bringing you a review for Watergloss, a product relatively new from Stylenanda. 

I just got back from watching "No Mercy" - anybody here watches that too? I'll share my thoughts after episode 9 under this review post! :D


      PRODUCT NAME      

        type of product        
lip tint / lip gloss

#switch on

USD 21 / KRW 19.000

3CE Official Site

Sleek black with a respective shade band in the middle to make sure you didn't grab the wrong one if you have several of these. I love the fact that they make a different packaging for this particular product instead of just going with their lip lacquers packaging design. 

Even though it's named by 'gloss' - I'm pretty sure they marketed these to be a lip tint instead. Of course you can use this as a lip gloss on top of other lip product, but this product is pigmented enough to stand on its own. 

The whole collection consists of 10 shades, with mostly bright color they have everything from orange-y shades, red, pink, plum to purple-ish shades. The applicator is very similar to their lip lacquers, it's slanted and smaller on the tip - making it easier to make gradient lips color and for precise application since most of the shades are so bright in color. 

#Switch On is a cool tone pink shade, definitely it looks less neon-y in real life! 

As the name suggest, this product has a very glossy finish. And for the better, it doesn't contain any bit of shimmer / glitter / or anything bling-bling inside, it's just has this very glossy sheen over. Almost like I covered my lips with a layer of water. So glossy and shiny - in a very good way.

Though from the swatch you can see how pigmented this product is, the reality is when applied to the lips you can see your natural lip color peeking through. 

Usually most glossy product has this stickiness in exchange to its longevity - this? has 0 stickiness. 

I see that the glossy sheen will be gone after a while, but it still stains my lips so it doesn't really disappear completely even after the gloss is gone. 

Glossy finish lip product is definitely more forgiving for people that is prone to lip crack. I would recommend this for people with dry lips. Even though you might still need lip balm underneath, this product isn't drying at all. 

Also I think it kinda blurs my lips line too. As someone with wrinkly lips, I notice that the gloss overall make my overall lips appearance better. 

The glossy finish also have this plumping effect and an overall giving my lips a healthier look! 

I love this! I thought the shade would be too neon for me, but apparently the pigmentation isn't as strong as I expect, which is great.  

I haven't tried on a top of other product, like for a lip gloss, but I think it'll work great too!

Still, the price is probably the only factor for me to not repurchase this / trying other shade. lol :( 

Ok, so that's it for my Watergloss review! Now to my "No Mercy" rant (it may contain spoiler from episode 9 - don't read if you no want spoiler!) :

First, I don't know what to feel any more since Yunho been kicked out from the program. I'm probably started to lose my sh*t after they add a new member to the show AFTER kicking some of the members. To be honest, I'm not a fan of the ones being kicked out so it's definitely not a super heart broken moment for me.

I found the program to be hilarious - plus all the drama surrounding the show (comments on their youtube channel is definitely worth to read.) I will watch the show until the end, yeah I know only 1 episode to go, but I'm not sure that I can support them after the show.

Here's my perfect "No Mercy" debut lineup :

1. Shownu (leader & 맏형 oldest)
2. Jooheon (main rapper)
3. #gun (rapper and he can be the funny guy)
4. Gihyeon (main vocal)
5. Wonho
6. Minhyuk (visual 담당)
7. Yunho (supposedly. Now I.M can be the maknae)

Sorry HyungWon and SeokWon, Hyungwon you can be a model if you like and SeokWon, how about a duo with Yunho? I'm sorry, but really, the more they say how "Hyungwoon" is the "Visual" of the group - the less "visual" he looks for me.

Probably after the last episode and the final debut lineup, "No Mercy" will probably lose some fans and they have to produce a friggin' good music if they want to stand strong in the business. Hip-hop Idol groups are A LOT these days and beating YG's hip-hop groups is definitely a big mountain they have to go over. Especially Winner, since their songs are pretty much played every where in Korea.

So yeah, just wanna say that recently I've been watching No Mercy every week, let's just support the kids and good luck for them and let's see if my lineup does come true or not lol

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  1. I love this as well! It's like one of the best products from 3CE. Personally, I thought it was pigmented than I expected because it was in a lip gloss category :P If it wasn't for the price, I'd have gotten more shades :)

    Pastel Boulevard l Extravaganza K-Cosmetics Giveaway

  2. I looove 3CE but not tried this one out yet! the colours look great.

  3. awalnya nonton no mercy karena ada jooyoung jadi baru nonton pas ep.8 eh jadi tertarik sama cowo-cowo muda ini hahaha, tapi ga nonton eps sebelumnya sih cuma menurut aku shownu fix harus debut banget, dan ternyata I.M ngerapnya bagus juga kayanya dia berusaha negbuktiin kalo dia tuh bisa, kalo ntar mereka debut dengan jenis lagu kaya giriboy buat fix aku bakal ngikutin mereka hahahahaha

  4. i love 3CE products but they are pretty expensive. i wonder if they are high end or drug store or a fusion of the two????

    Chie | The Brown Eyed Fox

  5. I came bc of 3ce but I'm more tempted to comment about the show, tbh.
    I just watched the 9th ep...
    Yoonho's elimination is heartbreaking- but it's inevitable bc he forget his phrase.
    it's good to know I'm not the only who think that hyungwon is not really that good looking. Honestly, I hope he will get eliminated next bc I don't think he can sing that well.
    Have you heard the rumour that #gun will be eliminated? I'm so done with starship if he's eliminated tbh. I'm rooting for I.M now.

  6. YES I've totally heard the rumor about #gun, and sorry Starship if you eliminate #gun (or minhyuk) I'll probably won't support anything that will come up from no mercy. I believe they need MORE than skills (in singing rapping or dancing or even pretty visual) to be able to survive in this idol catastrophe - THEY NEED PERSONALITY. Personally, outside of #gun I haven't feel any unique-ness in their personal characters, most are pretty much *typical*. With winner, ikon and block b around i think they won't survive if they keep eliminating members with a lot of fans.

  7. they're still in the "drugstore" level brand here in Korea I guess! Sure they're in a higher price point but there are actually some Korean brands in the similar price range as 3CE but still categorized as drugstore brand like espoir, iope, laneige etc

    I also think brands like Etude House, faceshop, or holika-holika etc are targeted more toward students in middle / high school and brands like 3CE obviously targeted for people in their early 20s :) so that's why they're pricier :p

  8. yessss omg the priceeee drives me crazy :( I held up for a while because I can't justify the price but thank God it came out great :")

  9. Wow, what a bright colour! It definitely looks neon-y in the swatch, it's kinda weird how it's not that pigmented on the lips.

  10. I agree! #gun definitely has the potential for variety shows. I really hope the rumour isn't true...

  11. love the colour` looks good on you, i wanna try but it's so pricey ><


  12. Can you do a review of Innisfree new product ? The Real Fluid Rouge I believe. I'm totally in love with the design and the colors although some of my friends said they like the one from Etude more.

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    Thank you <3


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