JAPAN 2015 東京二0一五年

A little picture diary of my Japan trip last month! I consider this as a birthday gift from my parents for me lol I know I'm really blessed to be able to visit a dream country of mine twice in less than a year!

This time me and my sis just hang out around Tokyo, we stay in the coziest, cleanest airbnb ever in Shibuya. Though you might feel claustrophobic in the bathroom, or in most places in Tokyo basically.

Through this 5 days trip, we travel around Shibuya (duh), Harajuku, Ueno, Asakusa, Ginza, and DISNEYSEA. Gosh, nobody is too old for Mickey!

I'm waiting for the day when Japan will be a free-visa country for Indonesia passport holder (yeah I can just register for an e-passport) because I will definitely looking forward for my third visit - and the fact that both me and my sis had some trouble with our visa application, glad that it's all straighten out an I'm safely flying out to Tokyo.

One thing that I can be sure from this trip is that my Japanese skill has hit rock bottom. I think 3 languages are my limit. Good bye Japanese, you'll be missed :(

Haul soon!

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  1. ihiyyy asiknya yg bs ke jepang lagii :D

    huahhhh ada konser Vixx yaa, mauuuuuu >.<

  2. omg looks like a lotta fun!! japanese stuff are always so cutely packaged <3 love the photos say :D

    Stephanie | Beauty Bucketeer

  3. Wahh I envy you so much!! I would love to travel to Japan, too! It's such a beautiful country!! :)

  4. Lots of beautiful photos here :) Japan is like my dream destination! Even though we don't have to apply for tourist visa anymore in Thailand, I haven't had a chance to go yet :( Definitely looking forward to go there in Spring or Fall when it's most beautiful!

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  5. Freaking awesome! I love seeing other people's travel photos! I just tend not to take as photos of my surrounding and mostly of my meals! I really need to take more of my surroundings! Can't wait for the hauls!

  6. wow! so jelly. ramen = yum! looks like you had an amazing time!

    Chie | The Brown Eyed Fox

  7. hahaha bahkan itu cuma promosi single si Error itu doang ce. Itu di gang mana entahlah haha tapi aku nemu dua biji ehehheheh

  8. Wow, what a cool experience! The milk tea kinda drew me in, it looks so delicious in my opinion! I'm not even sure why but I love milk tea hehe. You said that your Japanese hit rock bottom - what are the other languages you speak? I'm just really curious. :P




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