REVIEW : Moonshot's Perfection Dark Spot Concealer in Light Medium

Hey! It's been quite a while since my last post isn't it? :( Sorry! Been away for a while for a short trip to Japan last week and right now I really need to collect every power that I have to resume (and to unpack) to a more productive week! :))

Also! I read every bit of your lovely comments, it's just I have a very bad habit to not replying to comments (or chats - seriously my friends are so mad about this habit of mine.) IF you do have a very important questions for me, please do email me on mysugarcoffee@hotmail.com - I will get to you asap!

Now, the last product from my "Moonshot" saga is, the concealer! Moonshot Perfection Dark Spot Concealer in Light Medium 01!


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Perfection Dark Spot Concealer"

        type of product        

light medium 01

KRW 24.000


Still, and again, super love the pixel symbol on the cap. The packaging is overall very sleek, just a square tube with a black, matte cap. Doesn't look and feel cheap at all! And, the cap actually clicks nicely when I closes it, making sure that the angles meet each other - OCD people you'll love it (looking at you, 3CE nail polishes - I hate the fact that I have to match your stupid angle every time!) 

The duffle applicator is actually not as hard - it's really flexible comparing to other concealer with similar applicator that I have. Which is actually really nice because it can maneuvre nicely between the side of my nose (I need concealer on that place the most.)

The concealer itself came in 3 shades, I chose the middle shade, so imagine there's one lighter and one darker shade of mine.

The concealer is not thick in consistency, almost watery I must say. But the coverage is awesome considering how watery it is!

Also, I don't need a lot of the concealer to cover up anything. I can use it for my under eye or for my acne / blemishes. But I do think this works better for blemishes.

One thing is it sets into a very matte finish, making it look kinda dry - or cakey even. This concealer is definitely can't be use alone (without bb cream / foundation / any other face base product) because it'll look weird, especially for the under eye.

Considering how 'dry' this concealer looks after it sets, I think this concealer will be better for people with normal to oily skin. It has a great coverage too, which I know a lot of oily people will need to cover redness / acne scars.

If you have a super dry under eye area, you might not want to use this concealer for your under eye.

Overall, looking how small the amount I need to cover anything, i think this concealer will stay with me for a long time. I know this concealer isn't Moonshot's best product, almost nobody in naver blog even reviewed / purchased / or show even any interest to this product. Nevertheless, I'm a concealer addict, I need to try this and I think this concealer is above satisfactory! 

Also, the shade matches my skin perfectly! It doesn't look too yellow / pink / or orange on my skin :) 

Thankyou for reading! I changed my post's layout a bit, what do you think? :)

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  1. All of Moonshot's packaging are so cool! Considering how little you need, it must be pretty good for blemishes as you mentioned :) Too bad it's not moisturizing for under eyes. Have you tried Nars' concealer? That one is awesome for under eye areas :D Thanks for the review!

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  2. Thank you for the review! I am always on the hunt for good concealers. How unfortunate it is leaves a rather drying finish. By the way, the new implements to your layout are beautiful! Keep up the good work!


  3. kyny bagus ya fil, ga tahan aj sama harganya T.T

  4. Love LOVE the simple packaging and this product looks fantastic! I love the color, you're right it's not too yellow or orange tone and is so perfect on you! I can totally see the brightening effect and yet it's so natural no ashiness at all!

  5. haven't heard of this brand but definitely would like to try out some of their products!


  6. I've been hearing more and more about Moonshot. But most is not good reviews. have your tried any good products from them???

    Chie | The Brown Eyed Fox

  7. I think all 3 products that I tried from Moonshot are performing above average, a little bit overpriced but their definitely put their brand name into the price too :/


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