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"Mono Eyes"

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KRW 5.000

Aritaum official site

Of course per product has different pigmentation and texture, in average they're great for its price! The mattes are a little bit chalkier than the shimmers. The pigmentations are great though! 

Now, I'll go in details for the shades : 

Starting off the lightest color in my palette, #68 air breathing is described in the "pressed satin-pearl" type and it's a light champagne beige shade and it's a great shade for inner corner to make that aegyo-sal eye look! I prefer these kinda shades more than white/gold because it's more neutral and doesn't look too "highlighting"

#77 Love mode is a pressed matte type and it's actually a light taupe shade with pinky shade, it definitely look too light in the picture, but you'll see later in the swatch its true pigmentation. 

#69 Magenta is nowhere close to magenta - it's a warm camel shade and it's also a pressed matte type. Both #77 Love Mode and #69 Magenta is a great crease shade and for blending the shades together. 

#64 Maxi is categorized in the pressed-satin pearl type - it's a warm dark chocolate shade with bronze glitters on. 

#65 Single Malt is probably my favorite shade out of all 6 shades. It's has a satin finish and it's grouped as pressed satin pearl finish. It's a cool taupe shade and it looks absolutely gorgeous allover the lid. 

#90 Smoke is a pressed matte finish and it's a dark chocolate shade, and the pigmentation isn't the best out of all. But it still works as a shade to deepen the look. 

Overall in my opinion the shimmers perform better than the mattes, just like most Korean brand's eyeshadows in general. 

Aritaum made a few selection of eyeshadow cases to fit these mono eyes eyeshadow singles, and I pick the 6 pots as it was the biggest. It's very simple, just a black case - and it' gives room for you creative souls to decorate your own, as I did to mine! :)


It's great for you who want to customize your own palette and your own shades too! The price is really affordable too and the color selection is broad. I'm pretty much satisfied with my shade selection for this palette (and those cute pokemons!!) 

I've brought this palette for travelling a lot since it has all the shades I need. People starting up with eyeshadows would probably best to ask your friend to pick up the shades you'll need for your daily look. 

Overall, I've been loving this cute set I build up - after all it took a while to actually decide to build this little palette. A lot of Koreans raved about this product, I think the price can't go wrong actually. Some people have problem with fallouts, but I don't think it has that much of fallouts. 

It's just the shimmers / satin shades are better than the matte, but I do need a matte shade to blend my eyeshadow so I need one. 

One thing is, even though the palettes has a little hole to pick the shadow pots, but it doesn't exist on the single pots - so depoting these = took years. 

Thankyou for reading this post! Comment down below for questions! :) Have a great day! :D 

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  1. I wish they sold the palette like you have! Perfect shades! Also, those stickers are so adorable!!! Pikamin!! Or Xiuchu~ so cute ^_^ I have many kpop stickers that I don't know where to put, so I might just stick them to my makeup like you did!


  2. duhhh pas liat sticker exo jd ngakak..
    kirain creative soul mau ngapain kan, eh taunya ditempelin sticker exo XD

  3. Oh my favorite shades are love made and single malt! They look really good and I would love to own a single! Love the look you did, especially how you placed the shadow in your outer V!

  4. I bought one single eyeshadow from the aritaum Mono eyes and I like it so far. They have such a huge range of eyeshadows! I like the color combination you selected for your palette :)

  5. Ah no hole on the pots! I'd be so scared of breaking them haha. Beautiful selection of shades, single malt is indeed gorgeous!

  6. lol! I actually poke a little something from the bottom left one while depoting them - I shrieked a little.

  7. HAHA ci itu lumayan artsy and craft loh, itu aku guntingin satu2 lagi D: D:

  8. haha! Yes! After this I'm going to customized my makeup with these cute EXOMON :>

  9. I'd love to try these but there's just so many colors---the choices overwhelm me! I like looking at these kind of posts because then I get to see the colors in action and what other people are loving <3

  10. Hi! would you recommend Pony Memebox Easy Shine Glam Palette 1 or Aritaum mono eyes? :) not really a beginner in makeup so i dont need too many basics but i avoid having too many duplicates. I currently already own a laura mercier palette and a castledew one. :)

  11. If you don't need basic shades and you want to experience, Aritaum Mono Eyes is the one you should pick!!!


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