REVIEW : Pony's Shine Easy Glam 2 Palette by Memebox + eyeshadow look!

Finally, to the long delayed review post of Pony's Shine Easy Glam 2 Palette - I wanted to write this review ASAP before the giveaway, but what can I do. I pretty much suck at time management and definitely not a really good internet connection. If you want to read the first palette review, head on to this POST! :)

Now, where were we! To the review!


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Shine Easy Glam"
Pony x Memebox

        type of product        
Eyeshadow palette 

KRW 20.000 // USD 22

Memebox global site
Memebox Korean site

Two words : simple and structured. Most of the part look similar to the first one, but the second one is definitely more shapely. The second one is smaller (much) than the first one. I was kinda taken a back looking how small it is when I first opened the box. I love how the design is just all simple but functioned well. Inside there's no wasted space and the mirror is just the best. 

UP the first palette BELOW the second palette

The first palette came with 2 double ended brushes, this time it only comes with 1 double ended brush - which works better since the brushes in the first palette are just too small to work with! 

This palette is called "Shine Easy Glam" because they named their eyeshadow with Shine, Easy or Glam depends on its finishes. Shine is for glitters, Easy is for mattes, Glam is for shimmers - in which in the second palette I don't see any "Easy" eyeshadows. Means all the eyeshadows here are either glitters or shimmers - not surprised by that because this palette launches in winter 2014 (SO LONG AGO I KNOW I'M SORRY) and it's supposed to be a "Holiday" themed palette. 

Anyhoo, here's the swatch :

The pigmentations are definitely goes only to medium with nothing but it can be built with the help of other products like eye primers or damp, dense brushes. I personally the color combination is pretty. Since most are sparkly eyeshadow with glitters and shimmers, the fallout is worse than the first palette! Especially when I tried to pack them on, wow, like a bunch of them gets into my eyes. 

Do I like this better than the first one, DEFINITELY NOT. If you are getting ONE palette from the pony collection, definitely go with the first one. Unless you do want a pink / purple / neutral palette - but if you are looking for a neutral everyday palette, the first one would be a better choice. They have the same price, yet the quality seems to be worsen. 

Anyway! I tried to recreate Pony's look using this palette.

Of course cannot 100% copy her, she's like a goddess and I'm a commoner, cannot compare la! But I tried to recreate her look :) for my own pleasure :) 

taking "shine dew" to the inner corner and "shine peach" for the whole lid.

filling half of my lid with "shine rose"

deepen the outer corner with "glam violet"

"glam choco" on the outer corner and a little bit on the bottom line


I layered 2 eyelashes so it looked fuller :)

Finish! I think mine turn out to be more dramatic than Pony's - lol!

Thankyou so much for reading guys! :)

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  1. Your eyes look stunning girl!
    Even if I'm not very much into such glittery shades at the moment.. the packaging looks awesome!

  2. I love the recreation of the look!!

    I bought both palettes, but haven't gotten around to using them yet =X Pony x Memebox released their third version of eyeshadow palettes and I want to pick up Pink Bloom, but I really shouldn't yet. I'm currently trying to write up my post about the Soothing Sista palette though. I

  3. You look so gorgeous! I loved how you paired purple lenses with the eyeshadows!
    I ordered the first and second palette too, am awaiting their arrival :3
    Have you checked out the Shine Easy Glam 3 eyeshadows yet? :p


  4. gorgeous color !!
    sayang ya banyak fallout nya


  5. aku mau beli ini, tapi memebox udah ga mau kirim ke Indonesia lagi hiks hiks....

  6. cieh cieh ciehh..
    akirnya kliatan full face ny dgn eyeshadow begituuhhh..

    aku sabar menunggu yang baru aja deh eyeshadownya.. *beberapa hari lagi sampai di tanganku* :D

  7. That eye makeup look is so gorgeous :O


  8. Oh, I'm happy I only bought the first palette reading your review. But your eyemakeup looks so super pretty! Good job!

  9. The colors are so pretty! :) I've been eyeing this makeup palette so much!

  10. aduh lucu bgt yg warna2nya :)



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