Korean Harley Quinn Makeup Look (Ssinnim's Inspired!)


Weeks ago I watched this video from my ever so favorite Korean beauty blogger "SSINNIM" and she made this "Harley Quinn" inspired makeup tutorial. I've saw pictures of idol groups edited into this Harley Quinn makeup and I LOVE THEM. Now, if you see the real Harley Quinn version, it should look like this :

But, then look at these idols. They look like Harley Quinn that been fed by love, flowers, cotton candy and clouds <3 A much, much toned down Harley Quinn look! Sure some of them still look scary, scary cool tho.

양사장 Yang-CEO is also on the trend! lol 

 the hottest rookie!
can't left my husband  

My personal favorite - Taeyeon looks really good with this makeup! 

Though I think most of the idol looks are edited, but I'm not really sure because the editing is just too good. But! I heard that Teentop is going to adapt this Harley Quinn look for their comeback!

Here's the mighty SSINNIM's version of the look. I like it so much that I decided to recreate this!

Here's a step-by-step pictorial of my eye makeup :
And to add the twist, I add a little star under my blue eye! 
For the lips, I go with a gradation look with a neon pink lip tint. I used 3CE water gloss in #switch on :)
And here's the finished look! 

Then I tried to challenge my photoshop skill and try to edit my eyeball and my hair out! 

Not only I tried this look on my self, I tried this on my sister as well. Lol

I sticked eyelid tape on her so her lids look like there's a line across. 

So, that's it, what do you think? You can probably save this look for this year's Halloween! :D

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  1. Yes. Me too. Ssin also one of my favorite vlogger. She is lil bit different with another beauty blogger

  2. Bagus looknya! Suka deh. Aku juga suka liat video-videonya Ssin-nim :)


  3. what eyeshadow did you use? :D

  4. Actually I used so much in combination that I forgot :o I think I use some blue from my Sephora Palette and I think I use a lot of blush for the red one!

  5. omg i love this look and you look really great, it's so different than your usual styles. i'm totally going to try this look as well lol thanks for inspiring me~

  6. Pretty awesome idea to use this for Halloween!


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