MEMEBOX "Color Series Box #2 Brown"


I know it's been so long ._. Anyway! I've purchased another box from Memebox a couple of weeks ago, since I saw they have a "Color Series Box #2 - Brown" box. I love it when Memebox made a makeup box instead of skin cares product, and sadly makeup box isn't that often compared to skin care boxes. I think cosmetic boxes have better value and it really feels that you save more with these boxes.

This time, the box came with almost everything to make a full-makeup face look. From foundation to the eye makeup, even nails too!

Still available in Memebox Korea in HERE

1. LUNA "quick on stage complete duo" (full size) KRW 20.000

It's an eyebrow powder and also could be used for hairlines - because manipulating hairlines can make your face smaller. I thought in this brown box, the eyebrow set is brown, turns out it's a dark gray shade, which is totally my shade because my hair is currently black. Outside of the pretty packaging, the color didn't really shows up, maybe because it's a eyebrow product, usually those product do have lower pigmentation. The kit came with 2 brushes, none are angled brush that I usually like to use when filling in my eyebrow :( oh, because of those brushes the kit is really bulky.

2. MAYBELLINE "new york diamond glow shadow #1 copper brown" (full size) KRW 15.000

Maybelline is really overpriced here in Korea, and this product is one of the reason on why I want to purchase this box. This is the only I can somewhat get Maybelline products in a more reasonable pricing. Always a big fan of these eyeshadow quads, although this is more to a gold - orange color palette than brown. Nevertheless, loving the quad!

3. TROU DE LAPIN "nail polish" (full size) KRW 18.000

Never heard this brand before, thought to be a non-Korean brand turns out it's a Korean brand. I thought the brand name and the packaging is real cute! I got the darkest shade out of 3 (sent on random). I got "Better Than Old Burgundy" which is a dark brown color with red, gold and slight green glitter mixed. I thought the color is really great for Fall and I honestly had nothing similar like this shade. I'm really impressed with all this product gives, but the price is so high above I don't think I'm bothered to purchase another one :"(

4. YADAH "auto gel liner goodbye smudge #02 romantic brown" (full size) KRW 9.000

Pathetically, it's called "goodbye smudge" eyeliner but it's does smudge on me and completely disappears within hours. I don't have high expectation for this either so it's just an meh product.

5. ORIGINAL RAW "10 cushion foundation tube" (full size) KRW 16.500

Foundations in beauty boxes in where you can't chose you shade is kinda tricky. Especially in Korean beauty box when most of the time the foundation inside is too light for most people. Luckily, this foundation is light - medium coverage, it's slightly too light for me, but it can be blended just fine.

6. SHARA SHARA "secret face stick bronzer #02 dark brown" (full size) KRW 7.000

Despite being "dark brown", the color didn't really show on my face, it fells heavy on the skin and sticky. I was really excited about this product because I'm a bronzer girl and I had never tried any kind of stick bronzer, and this definitely a big disappointment.

7. CHEEKROOM "lipstick #08 Nude Brown" (full size) KRW 9.900

This might be the nudest lipstick I had in my life. I look super pale when I use this alone, but I like to use vampy color just in the middle part of my lips when I use this lipstick. It's an ok lipstick I think :)

Overall, I'm really impressed with all the products inside. I just realized that all the product inside is all full size! And below is some pictures when I used all the products :

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  1. Banyak bangettt fil.. enak banget yaa kalo km di korea bs lgs beli membox >_<
    kalo kirim ke indo sering ada masalah sama bea cukai hahaha..
    btw yg ini brp ya harganya?

  2. Makeup With A HeartNovember 10, 2014 at 5:17 AM

    Stick bronzers are hard to come by. I just find a foundation stick in a darker shade to contour AND it can be custom colored to match you best :)

  3. Ohh wow this comes with the tools for a whole look in one box! ^ ___ ^


  4. Seriously, how i wish to be able to get the memebox :(((( Bronzer sama lipsticknya tempting banget!

  5. I love LOVE this box! I went to the memebox korea but I don't see any option for english! I haven't ordered from them yet but I really want to soon for a few boxes I'm keen on! Love the quad the best and the eyebrow cake! I really NEED a duo or trio eyebrow cake kit!

  6. Seems like a good box! A lot of interesting product here! The eyeshadow shades are gorgeous =)

  7. I stumbled across your blog and I love all your reviews about cosmetics! I've just ordered my own memebox and I hope it's as good as this one~ keep up the amazing work




  8. ini KRW 16.500! Lupa taro harga.. haha

  9. YES I shouldn't put too much expectation from the first place :/

  10. :( Memebox Korea only available for those that has the Korea site ID and to make that you have to have korean cellphone number for verification :(

  11. Hey, but expectations are what make us interested in the first place! I wish some products live up to hype but it's the thrill of finding one that does match up that makes me keep going back to buy more xD

  12. Ooh I like this box and I am surprised to see they have included Maybelline in it... I never get any non-Asian or non-Korean brands in my memebox :p


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