REVIEW : Innisfree's FRESH topping mask

Hi! Today I'm bringing you a review about a product from Innisfree that is really special. Special because you can't get this elsewhere, but only in "Innisfree's Jeju House" (boo) - "Jeju House" is Innisfree's Flagship store name and in there not only you can shop Innisfree's product, but they also have an Innisfree cafe.

You can these from Innisfree's "Jeju House" in Seoul, located in Samcheong-dong area, and I've never saw these masks in other Innisfree store, so these are really special!

So how this works is first you choose one of 2 bases that are available. There are "Clay Base" and "Creamy Base" available. And inside the base, you can add 2 toppings, or 1 if you like, and you can mix it on your own.

The base is sold for KRW 3.000 won and the toppings are 1.000 each. They're made from all natural ingredients, so it's best used until a week after opening the base.

Ok, so now to show on what I chose to buy : I bought the creamy base and for the toppings I chose Green Tea and Strawberry. The other one is actually my sister's, she chose the clay base and Green Barley and Strawberry as the toppings. Since there are like 12 (or 13?) toppings available, it kinda hard to choose from, and honestly the SA there is nowhere to be helpful, so I just choose things that I liked.

Inside the topping packets, there are the topping and also an ice cream stick from mixing the base. They do sell another applicator for applying the mask, but honestly you can just use whatever in your house to apply the mask. I just use the ice cream stick to apply everything.

Next is the clay base. Unlike the creamy base, clay base is more solid and it's great for tightening the pores. But it's still not a hard work to do the mixing.

After mixing all the masks, I put the masks inside a refrigerator. That way they will still be fresh and have that super cooling effect when used! It looks like the base didn't contain a lot of product, but I've used mine twice already and I still have plenty for maybe 1-2 more times.

Overall, I LOVE these. Not only that the making steps are actually really enjoyable (it was really fun mixing those toppings!), the mask itself feels really good on the skin. One thing is that the 'Green Tea' topping that I choose has strong scents. And green tea and I just don't get along together, I chose 'Green Tea' anyway because Innisfree's green tea line is working awesomely for my skin. 

Another great thing about this product, I usually hate wearing masks, especially those disposable face masks because it feels really tingly on my face. But these mask didn't feel tingly or stings, maybe because all the natural ingredients inside! 

They look pretty messy, but they're really easy to clean. I can't wait to go back to Innisfree's Jeju House to try some more of these! 

Really sad that you can only get this in those 2 Jeju House stores. They make a very cute souvenir tho. It's great to try out because you can personalize your own masks, and honestly making them is really fun (and it doesn't take much time). Make sure you visit the stores to get these when you're in Seoul! :) 

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  1. Wow, sounds lovely!! Like one of those yoghurt shops where you can choose your toppings. I hope KB starts getting popular so we get stores here in Europe :)

    Wing me a dream

  2. This is so cool!! I want to try them out so badly!! I like your blog so much!! Do you mind following me on bloglovin and google+? I will follow you back,too!!

  3. What an interesting idea for face masks! The packaging is so cute it makes me want to eat them haha :)


  4. Ohh I love the idea of mixing sachets in to the base to create different masks! ^ u ^


  5. This is so cool! If I ever get to Seoul, I'll take one of these with me as a souvenir for sure! Too bad they don't sell them internationally but I do think that the mix-and-match aspect would be too much of a hassle for online retail.

  6. This is soo creative and fun! I think I will be needing the clay base to tighten my pore! That's too bad it's limited there but they still have great face masking type products!

  7. Haa, it's been a moment that I discovered these base and never found any blogger out of Korea speaking about them! (for me to understant haha) These packs really interest me, I'm really curious and glad you do an awesome post about it, step by step! It makes me think about the Lush masks!
    Really sad they cannot be found on internet, but it's understandable!

  8. Seandainya mendapatkan ini tidak sesulit itu... jauh banget gue harus ke Seoul dulu kalo demi beli ini >_>


  9. haha iya titip aripin suruh kirim busan :p

  10. yesh! I wanna try lush masks too but the price is unbelievable here D:

  11. I agree! Especially when they're focusing on how organic these are... might be hard to sell online / supply it to all the branches D:

  12. YES! Yogurt shop! For the face! lol

  13. aaakk, kayaknya lucu maskeran model baru hehehee paling suka maskernya innisfree ^_~ tapi di OS langganan blom dijual neh -___- thanks for great review Fil :*

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  15. This sounds great! I've just spotted these on ITG as well, need to get my hands on this haha.

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