REVIEW : Etude House's Princess Happy Ending Fairy Glitter Shadow

HI! Today I'm bringing you guys a long delayed review of Etude House's Princess Happy Ending Fairy Glitter Shadow in #1 핑크유리구두 and #3 이브닝파티 that came from the "Princess Happy Ending" line at the end of this year summer.

Yes, it has been a while since I got these and tried them for a while.  So probably I can tell you more in depth reviews about them.

Etude House

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Princess Happy Ending - Fairy Glitter Shadow"

        type of product        
Cream "Gel" eyeshadow

#1 핑크유리구두 
#3 이브닝 파티 

KRW 8.000


So these looks like a cream shadows, but they're honestly feels like a 'gel' cream shadow, or what they say on the their website "elastic binder system" - the product will slightly leaves a hollow if you press the surface hard enough.

I don't think I have anything that similar to these product's texture. It's like a pudding? Jelly? Anyway it's really fun to touch around :p

I'm gonna get through the shade one by one, first is #1 핑크유리구두 or Pink Glass Shoes.

I was disappointed with the product when I got it. Well, I saw the product on the net only because I was in Indonesia at that time, and ask my friend to buy these for me. And the shade on the net is definitely a darker burgundy shade (you can see the picture from the site above). You can see it clearly is definitely a pink shade.

This is a glittery shadow, even though it didn't show up properly (or even any of the glitters) on the picture, but it's definitely there and there's a lot of them.

Now for the #3 이브닝파티, or Evening Party shade. Out of the 3, this one does have less glitters. It's quite dark in the picture on the site, but again the pigmentation is not that great and this is the most I can make from the shadow.

Both of the shadows have just enough amount of glitters. I'm honestly not a fan of glitters (I thought they're shimmery shadow, but suddenly BAM chunks of glitters - I know, I should read the name of the products before but the pictures mislead me!). And the gel consistency they have actually help (a lot) for the glitters to stay in place. 

I know one thing that's always happen when working with a glitter eyeshadows are their fallouts. But with this gel consistency, the glitters really didn't go anywhere out of the place you put them. 

Now, one thing that I'm really impressed about these outside their 'no fallouts' is the fact that they don't crease on my lid. I don't even use eye primer or even put another eyeshadow to set them, they just stay there without making those awkward creases.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of the packaging. But I know a lot of you probably fell in love with the packaging :)

Crease free! 
No fallouts, glitters stay in place
Easy to apply and blend

The pink one - shade is different from the web!

Overall, I do like them. Glittery shadows are still not my #1 choice for my eye look, but the glitters didn't look that obvious on my eye so that's a good point! The pink one though, is too pink for my taste. If only it did came out like the picture in the site, I would love it to death.

Still a wonder to me why the glitter's didn't show up on the my lid swatch pics.

The pigmentation is indeed not the best from these two, but definitely there's people that will appreciate it because it's easier to work with! :) Kinda wish they come out with other colors (like, I don't know, BURGUNDY would be nice guys) 

Thankyou for reading guys! Have a great weekend! xx

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  1. Great review! The products seem great! I like glittery eyeshadows~~

  2. Ohh I love the packaging but the colours are not really my style~ ^ u ^


  3. The packaging is really cute but I don't like how it has so many chunky glitters but then again Etude House does that a lot. It looks great on you though!

    Fancy Nancy’s YouTube

  4. I've been loving cream and bouncy type pot shadows! The brown shade looks gorgeous! I totally would love to try that one! Do visit my blog soon! I'm holding a beauty giveaway!

  5. The texture reminds me of the Jill Stuart jelly eyeshadow :) Love #3 shade. Too bad it's not that pigmented but thankfully there are no fallouts!

  6. i am going to be doing a review on these products as well. i tried the #2 shade and i actually really like it. the color is not....BAM...too pigmented. i like how it can be used lightly and its pretty blend able. I'm sorry though that you didn't like them. perhaps, a blog sale???

    Chie | The Brown Eyed Fox

  7. ....I don't know in which part of the review that I may have convey my opinion wrongly, but.. no! I like them! The pink one is definitely not my shade.. so if I'm doing a blogsale probably on the pink one! :)

  8. td kukira itu burgundy lho Fil abis ga kliatan ky pink hahaha.. XD

    aku suka yg warna coklatnya scara aku penggemar glitter eyeshadow :D

  9. I really LOVE cream eyeshadows...so I was really debating whether or not to buy these or not. I think the colors are super pretty~ Thanks for the review!

    Love, Aimee
    My Blog | New Blog Post

  10. The consistency of these sounds interesting, it's such a shame that the colours are not true to what they look like in the promo pictures! I would probably only use the brown one myself. Thanks for the review!
    Miss Blue Eyes

  11. I didn't expect these to be that pigmented. Looks like an interesting product actually :)

  12. uwowww... warnanya bagusss... XD

  13. it's a shame that the burgundy shade was actually pink, though it is a nice shade of pink. I personally just really like the brown shade a lot more. It's more wearable than the pink shade.

  14. Finally! Someone reviewed the Princess Happy Ending glitter shadow :p I love both shades but I think the brown would be more useful ^^ love it, want to get my hands on!


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