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Etude House

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Precious Mineral BB Cream Cover & Bright Fit" 

        type of product        
BB Cream

Honey Beige

35 g / KRW 9.500 / USD 15

Etude House Official Site (ko)

First, I definitely prefer this tube packaging more than the pump/tube type that most all Etude House's BB creams have. Filled with 1.23 oz fluid / 35g - slightly more than other face product that usually come around 1 oz fluid or 30 g. But the tube is definitely smaller than I thought.

This BB Cream have SPF of 30 PA++. Again also come with whitening, anti-wrinkle and UV protection. 

I used to use Etude House BB cream when I first came to Korea - that time I have 0 knowledge about BB creams foundation whatsoever and I definitely pick a shade that's too light for me (but I did empty the product!). I never thought the BB cream is something really good so I haven't had the guts to try other EH's BB cream until now.

BTW, this BB cream came in 3 shades, 02 Light Beige, 13 Natural Beige dan 23 Honey Beige. 

"23 Honey Beige" is the perfect shade for me, the finish of this BB cream is not as dewy as other BB creams but of course you can still see the shine. As my skin is not as oily as I used too, I think the experience now is so much better than 4 years ago when I first started using BB Cream.

Coverage wise, as the name said this BB cream cover really well. As I said before my skin is not as oily so I didn't use primer and it still stays all day. But ofcourse 2-3 hours after application my nose's already look so shiny I have to blot it off. 

However I can't see any disturbing sebum elsewhere so I've been reaching this BB cream almost everyday! It's lightweight and the coverage, also it's very easy to blend in. Definitely something created for someone that have to get out of the house early in the morning! :D

UP before application BELOW after application (BB only)

One problem that I encounter is that this BB cream is so pigmented that it transfers to everything it touches. So, be very careful when you're using this with white long sleeves, or when you're planning to sweat during the day. It transfers but it still stays on the face, so don't worry it won't erased off your face! :)

Overall, I love this BB cream! I don't really have great expectation before, but I've been reaching for this BB cream almost everyday! It didn't break me out, it matches my skin tone - only the bad part is the transfers, because it stains tissues and basically anything that touches my face. Other than that the staying power is great, though a little touch up during the day is a must - and that's because of my oily face tho, I'm sure it'll stay better to those with drier skin :) 

Special thankyou for Ce Rini (http://www.rinicesillia.com) that helps me to buy this product during her trip to Korea! XD Thankyou ce :*

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