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It's been a while since I posted something, isn't? :( I just got back to Busan (boohoo) and the classes has started now. I don't have as much classes as the other semesters and I should have more time to write more - BUT (there's always a but, isn't it?) my room is freakin' HOT and I can't work productively in a hot place. Like really, I feel so sluggish and I don't want to do anything! Miraculously today, the aircon (probably) fixed so it's kinda breezy in my room now :") Now I can start doing stuffs!

Ok, as the title suggests today I'm going to review products from Maybelline, it's their "Lip Polish" / known better by "Color Elixir". Supposedly they have a total of 20 shades, but there's only 4 shades available in Indonesia. Sad.


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Lip Polish" / "Lip Elixir"

        type of product        
Lip Tint

glam 2 & glam 6

Rp. 81.000

Maybelline site

These "Lip Polish" has a very similar packaging to Dior's Addict Fluid Stick. Considering they're not from the same mother company, I think it's pretty brave for Maybelline to make their product 'inspired' by Dior products. Anyway, I haven't tried Dior's one, but I absolutely heard great reviews on them - unconsciously make me think positively about this product even before I tried.

p.s read the comment section, a few google search - and it turned out Maybelline came out with the product first before Dior! Oopsies! 

I bought the product just the day after Stephanie from Beautybucketeer include these on her monthly favorite, well I can't say no to that,  can I? 

There are only 4 shades available in Indonesia (and I'm pretty sure it's not available in Korea, yet), among those 4, 3 shades are pretty much pinkish neutral, and 1 shade is this purple one. Since summer is gonna end, I think this purple shade can amp up the incoming Autumn spirit! 

I'm quite baffled when there's some people that bought this knowing that it's a 'lipstick' lipstick, when it actually came with a wand. Maybe the surrealist packaging does look pretty 'real'. There's nothing really special about the wand, not too big, not too small, ok size lah.

Glam 2 is a orange coral shade, the SA said that it's the most popular shade among the 4. Well, this shade is neutral and the pigmentation is rather sheer - it's no wonder to be the most famous because Indonesian loves natural makeup, right?  Despite how much I liked this shade, I regret not picking up the pink one instead. I have lip products in this shade!

Glam 6 looks like a purple plum on the bottle, but when applied, I think it looked more to a pink fuschia infused with a bit of purple tone in it. It has the best pigmentation between the 4, mainly because it's not that neutral of a color - but if you apply just a little bit and spread it around, it will give you a deep pink shade rather than a full on purple color, and yes spreading the color is so easy! 

Both shades has glossy finish and it didn't dry out your lips. Sure the glossiness will fade away after a good few hours, or after a big meal - but it did leave some stain behind. Especially Glam 6, the darker one, it leaves a pretty purple-pink stain after all the glossiness disappear. And what I liked the most is the fact that the stain DIDN'T set into my lip lines (AT ALL) - while most of my tints do that. 

When I use this allover my lips, I do feel like I'm wearing something. Like there's some layer of something on my lips. It's also great for topping off lipstick and used as lip gloss, not only the gloss do stay longer than regular lip glosses, it also add some more pigmentation to your look! 

Staining lips
Not drying - at all
Pretty gloss
Great pigmentation
No scents

Only comes in 4 shades in Indonesia (boooooo)

Overall, I love these!!! Still regretting not picking up the pink one instead - but yey they're nice! Another thing that I liked about these are they're sold pretty much everywhere (?). Just look for a Maybelline counter and you'll find these! (And they do a lot of promotions!). There's a lot of awesome shades available from this line, like the cherry and reds, I really hope they'll widen the shade range later. 

I think the Glam 6 (the purple one) is a great way to subtly express the Autumn / Winter trend. Express yourself with your makeup if outfits are out of the option! ;) Doesn't mean that because it's hot it's always summer! I know I'm gonna have a lot of use from this Glam 6 shade this time of season.

That's it you guys! Thankyou so much for reading and I'll talk to you soon! Have a great day ahead! xx

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  1. The plum one is so pretty! I love similar shades and when they leave a stain they are even better :D

  2. I adore the purple shade! It's so versatile as I feel it would look beautiful on all skin tones! Its a lovely color and the fact it leave a stain (without creeping into lip lines) is perfect!

  3. Both the colours really suit you. These recently came out in the UK as well, but there is a very small variety of colours too. Looking at your swatches, it seems like they're not as pigmented as the Dior Fluid Sticks, but I'm guessing the Elixers are buildable?


  4. They look niceee fil <3

  5. I have the purple one and it taste very plasticy :/ blehh!

  6. warnanya cakeeepp >_< tumben banget beli produk indonesia? hehehee

  7. I have this lip polish too and quite enjoy using it. Just like you, i think maybelline Indonesia should release more colors for it like in USA >,<

  8. both are my two fave colors that i obsess on when i buy lippies!! i LOVE it!! esp the purple!

  9. ooh the plum shade looks gorgeous for fall! Gonna check out my local Watson's to see if they have this in Taiwan!

  10. ive been wanting this also but so expensive seriously ;u; well at least for me. does this feel the same with innisfree gloss tint? if thats the case i dont think i feel the need to buy it bc i got practically the same thing from you hehe i like the pink of this though ;_;


  11. Wow both are soo nice, especially glam 6! It'd be a great shade for Fall :) Thanks for the review!

  12. Almost the same but I think this one had better lasting power! :D Now that you said it, it does similar with the innisfree's jelly tints :o

  13. Yes! I'm sure you can look for more shades in States T_T

  14. YES!!! Please more color PLEASEEE

  15. AHAHA kok tumbennnn kalo di indo aku juga nyari2 yang bagus D: kantongkuuu

  16. Hahaha di indo engga ada yang dikalapin apa boleh buat ce hihihi

  17. Thankyou! Yes the elixirs shade are buildable, but it does feel 'thick' on the lips :/

  18. The berry-colored one looks gorgeous! The perfect shade for autumn!

    Elina | Miss Blue Eyes

  19. Love both shades! Thanks for sharing

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