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During my stay in Indonesia, naturally I've been 'exposed' to a lot of Western brands more than Korean brands. So expect to see some, not a lot, western brand reviews in this blog! Hopefully when I'm back to Korea I can start to look for interesting products to review ASAP! 

So, today I'm going to review a product from Sephora Collection "Sun Disk Bronzing Powder" in 02 Moyen Medium


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Sun Disk Bronzing Powder"

        type of product        
Face Bronzers

medium moyen

30 g / $22

Sephora Collection

I'm pretty sure this is a limited edition (?) or discontinued, but I guess you can still found these in South East Asia Sephora branches. Sephora does have their regular bronzer collections, sizing only 1/3 from this huge as* sun disk (sun disk is 1oz, the regular is 0.3oz - with only $5 difference). Pretty sure they both are the same product.

I've been keeping my eye for this huge bronzer for sometime - and that make me question, why Sephora did not exist in Korea? Anyhoo, I bought this on my trip to Thailand almost a month ago. My father is the one that convinced me that I should just buy the big one instead. Lol.

size compared to my phone!

This product is HUGE. Like, big huge. Sizing in 4 ½ inch, it also come with a huge mirror. The packaging is right up on my alley, black, sleek, nothing more – and the fact that the lid didn’t open 180 degree over to the back; it made the packaging look more expensive than it is.
The surface of the bronzer is covered with micro shimmers, but luckily the shimmers are invisible to the skin. The shade medium is I think a good match for me; it’s not too light, not too dark and muddy.

indoor lighting 

outdoor lighting

The shade is on the neutral side, when seen under indoor lighting, it looks orange-y – but actually it’s not. It’s just a perfect shade for everyone to enjoy! I see a lot of people compare this product to Benefit’s Hoola, I personally haven’t tried that so I wouldn’t know. Some people also complained about the poor lasting power. For me, bronzers or blushers lasting power is deeply affected by the base product! And for me, I had no problem with it disappearing during the day or such.

The shade is buildable without looking anywhere patchy. And when I swatched this product using my finger, I just realized how ‘creamy’ they are. Well, they’re pressed product but the texture is just soooo smooth! They’re also not that crazily pigmented, I don’t have to worry about over-applying.

Buildable and easy to blend shade
Creamy and smooth texture
Huge product, affordable price
Nice packaging

definitely not for travel purpose

Overall, as someone that live from eyeliner and bronzer, this is da bomb diggity!!! Major love and I bet this product will last me soooo long. I’ve been using this product everyday this month and it hardly made any dent to the surface.

I think this product is great for someone that uses bronzer daily, like me – or you guys professional makeup artists! I think for the amount of product you get, this is totally affordable and definitely a good investment!

Thankyou so much for reading guys! :*

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  1. holy cow 30g thats like the size of a foundation o_o i dont think ive encountered a pressed powder form product that is this huge. your father is so cool bc he went to the sephora with you. if it were my dad he wouldnt even enter lol, if he entered, he would probably always be saying "you dont need that. you have that already. use everything till it finishes then you can buy another one". the product looks natural on you!! i domt actually know how to use bronzer, and this is probably not a good starter bronzer lol.


  2. That is a huge bronzer, very cute shade!

  3. I quite like the shade, it's perfect for fair skin so we don't have to be so careful or blend so much! But IT IS SO HUGE! Too big! I will never finish it!

  4. The pan is bigger than what I expected :D Thanks for sharing ^^



  5. woow
    its huge !
    love the packaging
    and you have a fun dad haha


  6. The bronzers are Sephora are gigantic! I love this shade of bronzer :d! It's a natural shade~

    ❤ http://lovelyanneee.blogspot.ca/ ❤


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