REVIEW : Too Cool For School's Hot Girl Lip Sticker Lipstick in #2 Hawaiian Flower

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Today I'm going to review a product from Too Cool From School! I'm sure you guys have heard of this brand - not only because the name is pretty catchy, this brand is famous for their school-themed packaging and their multi-function products. Looking at their store, it doesn't look like a beauty makeup store, but more like quirky and fun stationary store filled with colourful pencils and markers.

Too Cool For School

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Hot Girl Lip Sticker"

        type of product        

#2 Hawaiian Flower

2.0g / KRW 8.000

This product is not a new product from Too Cool For School, I've always see it on display as it's also one of their best-selling product. Come on, how can you resist on it's cute plaid design and the compact size? This time I didn't buy this by myself ;; my friend, Natasha bought this for me as a gift from her Singapore trip :p 

The lipstick is in a mini size, very cute and compact but still contain a decent amount of product. The shade that I was given is #2 Hawaiian Flower - a bright pink fuchsia colour. It's sooo me, this is a colour that I gravitate toward if I'm to wear bright vivid coloured lipstick. 

One thing that I notice, because the small-ness of the product, applying the lipstick can be so precise and detailed without lip brush. Especially working with such a bright colour as this! (Easy to make gradation lips look too!) 

The finish of this lipstick is definitely not matte, but not too glossy too. And it glides easily - without accentuating any lip lines. The pigmentation is good too, even though the colour is bright and vivid, it's still wearable for daily use! 

Whenever I put a lip balm before, the colour didn't stain my lips - but if i skipped lip balm, it seems that the lipstick lightly stained my lips. And honestly, I love the stain colour! Because it's like a soft version of this shade - atleast it didn't disappear completely or I would totally look super pale when it wiped off. 

There's nothing special about its lasting power. It didn't stay after a meal, but it didn't feather out everywhere. I can just easily reapply (and reapplying is easy because the stick surface is small so off we go!) 

Good Pigmentation
Glides on the lips
Didn't accentuate any lips line
Staining on the lips
Easy to apply, defined and detailed application is possible
Compact size, cute packaging

(I got this for free maybe that's why I had such a good experience with the lipstick
but really I LOVE THE SHADE)

Overall, the lipstick is not just amazing product, but the shade is just so me that I can't skip a day without wearing this. lol. And the lipstick size fit perfectly to my makeup pouch! 

Have you ever tried any product from "Too Cool For School"? :D 

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  1. Wow, I wasn't expecting this product to be so good! I've seen a lot of products at their pop up shops here but haven't tried anything yet! Thanks for the review!

  2. the plaid design is so cute ;;;; it looks good on you!! i think this is the color that i might love as well (idk bc i dont have this in my hand uhm yea) :o


  3. It would be amazing to visit one of their stores!

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay

  4. Wow the color looks really good on you, and more over the packaging design is so cute❤ Oh and i've been thingking to try TCFS products too, a friend of mind said they've got a handy BB Cream product that also come with a concealer too.


  5. Marcellia MargarethaAugust 15, 2014 at 2:09 PM

    Warnanya cocok banget buat cici! Tp jadinya agak merah ya padahal keliatannya agak pink gitu di stick nya :O tapi lucu design covernya, kotak2 gitu haha


  6. warnanya cantik bangeeettt, sayangnya brand ini ga masuk Indo >.< nice review as always

  7. I expect Too school for school makeup is expensive. But for this cute lipstick, I think its really affordable ^^

  8. Masuk kok!! Aku pernah liat standny di department store gitu... Aduh dimana ya tapi ada deh!

  9. Hahaha merah ya?? Sebenernya pink sih, tapi mungkin aku pakenya tebel aja :D

  10. Thankyou dear! Yes their products are always multi functional - I want to try their CC cream that Michelle Phan uses (that also come with a concealer) but I'm afraid that the shade will be too light for me :(

  11. I know right! Some of my friends did recommend this lipstick to me, but I never get them (because I think they're expensive for their size) lol I'm lucky someone gave it to me I don't have to pay :p

  12. warnanya cantik banget >_< bikin ngiler kak

  13. ihiyyy.. sexy :p
    keliatan matte lho fil.. bagus ya ga bikin kering :D

  14. cantik banget ci~ <3

    packagingnya lucu yaaaa.... warnanya juga bagus bangetttt ^^


  15. I love the color! Do you know where I can purchase this in the United States?

  16. This is such a pretty color! I love the name of the lipstick! :D

  17. errr.....pasti di jkt ya? hehehee aku bukan tinggal di jkt >.<

  18. lucu lipsticknya..
    mini size..
    enak buat dibawa kemana2 tuh !


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