REVIEW : Innisfree's The Green Tea Seed Cream

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Today I'm back with a skin care product review - from you guess what - Innisfree! #nosurprise
Just before I'm back to Indonesia, I was out of my moisturizer or cream or whatever you may call it, and I went to my trusted and beloved Innisfree store to get one. I was about to get the Green Tea Seed Deep Cream (read the review HERE) - but the SA insisted that I should get this one instead because it's summer and I probably want a lighter cream. Although the Deep Cream works perfectly well in the hot weather, I decided to try this one instead. It should work well because it's one of Innisfree's best seller!


      PRODUCT NAME      
"The Green Tea Seed Cream"

        type of product        
cream moisturizer

50 mL / KRW 20.000

innisfree official site

There's nothing special with the packaging, really similar to the other product from the Green Tea line. It comes with a box and security seal all over the opening. Just like the other from Green Tea line products, this cream is infused with freshly squeezed Jeju's Green Tea and Green Tea Seed. There's no better brand other than Innisfree that does Green tea as good as them. 

Definitely I'm not the most neat person when opening the seal. Talking about generosity, the product is filled to the edge - very environmental friendly, because there's no space that go to waste.

The texture of the product is very light, and remind me a lot like a tofu - a super soft tofu that almost like a pudding? It's 50ml but the whole product just weight so light! 

The cream is very light and easy to blend. But it isn't gonna just disappear into the skin, it will stay and build a moisturizing layer that will keep the skin moisturized for longer. It's not sticky and a little goes a long way. 

The cream will give a dewy finish to the skin, which I don't mind because I usually top it off with a foundation so the dewiness is gone. As for someone that have oily combo skin, and living in a tropical country with constant hot and humid weather - this cream didn't add any excess oil on the skin.

In fact, without this moisturizer my skin looks less smooth and even looks more red. Even if you have an oily skin, moisturizer is a must and this cream works great for my skin type!  

Overall, I love this cream! Before this cream, I'm using a gel type cream and it works well too, but this cream definitely helps me more with my troubled skin :o Also I'm using the Green Tea Seed Serum too, maybe these two does work well together and my skin is in its prime condition right now :> 

Thankyou for reading! xx

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  1. Innisfree's creams are so great! I think you made a great choice. It's great that Innisfree fills their jars to the edge, means you really get what you pay for! Looks like a great moisturizer, thanks for sharing!

    Elina | Miss Blue Eyes

  2. Wow, seems like this cream is working very well on you :D maybe i should give it a try because we have the same climate ;) thanks for the great review dear!

    Mieza | Mieza Everdeen's Blog

  3. I've tried this cream before and it's lovely! However, I found their green tea balancing cream more suitable for me :) Innisfree sure has lots of great products!

  4. wow, krimnya penuh sampe ke tutupnya, brand lain harus contoh nih >.<

  5. I have to explore the Innisfree range more! I love green tea so I might buy this moisturiser when my current one finishes. x

  6. I tried this cream and on my skin it got more oily that the seed deep cream. It supposed to be that the seed deep cream is more moisturizing than the deep cream and get more oily but I think my skin type match the deep cream better. ^^

  7. I haven't tried any products from Innisfree's Green Tea line before. I really like the green packaging~


  8. tosss! aku juga suka perpaduan ini sama si serum hihi.. mrasa mukaku jd lebi baikan skrg fil :D

  9. Hello filia! Which one do you like more between this cream and the deep cream one ? Thankyou!

  10. for the summer? this one!

  11. Thankyou filia! <3

  12. Hi, I'd like to ask how long did one jar of the deep cream last you? Did you use it as a day cream only? Thank you!

  13. I tried this cream and on my skin, but it got more oily... ㅠㅠ


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