REVIEW : B.LIV by Cellnique's "Off with Those Heads" Sebum Gel

the product is given to me for review purpose but it did not affect any of my opinions / honest review.
* warning disgusting nose pictures ahead * 


Today I'm going to review a product from a brand that I've just heard, like 3-4 weeks ago and it's B.liv by Cellnique "Off with Those Heads" blackheads sebum gel.

If you haven't heard of this brand (probably you did by now because you are reading this post) - this brand is not a new comer in the skin care world. Mainly focusing in skin care products, Cellnique, the creator of B.liv brand, has been the leading paramedical brand in professional skin care industry for over fifteen years. And in 2006, Cellnique introduced this "Off with Those Heads" product under the brand B.liv, focusing for younger, on-the-go consumers.

B.liv by Cellnique

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Off with Those Heads"

        type of product        
Sebum Gel

15ml / $ 39
30 ml / $49
45 ml / $ 63


Comes in a compact packaging with a pump attached (which is totally my favorite type of bottle - ever), 2 pumps is all you need to cover your face. 

The main function of this product is to clear blackheads and whiteheads without painfully squeezing out your skin which can lead to skin irritation. Other than that, it's also have other benefits such as : keeps acne under control, control oils, unclog pores, provides a gentle exfoliation, and soothing and hydrating properties. 

The main ingredients of this product is Tea tree oil, Aloe vera extract, Witch Hazel extract and Peppermint oil. 

I use this sebum gel after I wash and dry my face. I use this first before any other skin care routine and I use it religiously in the day and also night. I mainly need around 2 pumps and focusing on the center part of my face, because that's were the blackheads and whiteheads and all the disgusting pores are located and gently rub it into the area.

The gel consistency of this product make it so light on the skin, and immediately absorbed to the skin. It has a cooling effect when applied - which provide at least a little bit of freshness in this super hot and humid country I live in. Also, after applied oils on the skin is instantly disappear - in a good way, it doesn't turn your skin dry and flaky, no - but it's definitely reduces the shiny appearance. I was a little bit thrown back with the scent, it has a strong alcohol-like scent, but honestly after a few usage I'm not bothered anymore!

I'm not someone that have the greatest white/black heads problem in the world, so probably my before-after picture won't be as dramatic as you would think. But I do see a noticeable amount of black & white heads that disappears, even though I only use it for only 2 weeks! 

The biggest improvements that I saw during these 2 weeks are the uneven skin texture caused by enlarged pores in my T-zone is became so much smoother! :o and during the day I noticed my face produces less oils! Skin irritation like redness and blemishes are less visible too. 

less red than ever, still blessed with the super dark and big darkcircles tho. 

Reduces the appearance of black & white heads
Reduces oils
Minimizing pores appearance
Reduces redness and blemishes
No breakouts
Super lightweight on the skin
Cooling effect

Strong scent
Contain paraben

Overall, I LOVE THIS. Nuff said. The product claimed that the difference could be seen in 2 weeks of application, and honestly I didn't expect a lot from 2 weeks. It totally blew me off with all the goodness it gave to me. Oh yeah, a simple google search will do but Bubzbeauty from youtube apparently also liked this product :>

I would recommend this product to people with oily/combo skin. The product itself is pretty much a perfect product for people that live in tropical country, as the product mainly fixes problem that occurs when living in a humid and hot country. 

People with sensitive skin might want to be careful with this as this might came off too strong on your skin. And I think people with dry skin could definitely use this along side their usual moisturizer for more hydration. 

I'm really thankful for B.liv team that let me try their super awesome product! :> Get to know more B.Liv by following them in their social media :



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  1. Wow, it sounds like it really helped to clear out those pores! That's great! I personally stick to using a lot of nose strips to clean out my nose a few times a week!

  2. what is paraben, ci filia ? thanks !!

  3. This product is so interesting. After 2 weeks and you saw results? that's pretty sweet<3 I have a TON of blackheads and I'm still trying to find a great product that wont cause irritation to my sensitive skin :( maybe I'll try this product out myself to try and see! Thank you for that wonderful review!

    Also if you have some spare time... please check out my blog as well. Maybe we can follow and be friends on bloglovin ^_^ Thank you again!



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