REVIEW : Etude House's Play 101 Pencil #8 and #42


Good Day everyone! Today I'm bringing you guys a review about Etude House's Play 101 Pencil. How can you resist these pencils not after Pony's gorgeous tutorial videos?

Etude House

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Play 101 Pencil"

#8  & #42

KRW 6.000

etude official site

Play 101 Pencil came with 50 variety of shades and colours - really intimidating, at least for me. It's really hard to chose only some from the enormous collection! So what I did was listing number of shades that I interested in while watching Pony's video. In the end, among all the numbers I wrote, only 2 actually made the cashier and there they are.

I was looking for a nude, skin coloured eye pencil, so I can line my lower waterline to make my eyes look bigger. And I took #42 because Pony use it for her eyebrow, and it looked pretty good!

All the pencil is retractable, and had a built-in sharpener - no mess, no fuss! 

First the #8 pencil is matte, and it's cream coloured with a hint of yellow tint. The shade is a perfect match to my skin tone. I personally bought this mainly for lining my eyes, not for concealing blemishes even though it could be used that way too. I think for concealing, this pencil is not creamy enough to glide or even to be blend to the skin, and the coverage is not as good. For waterline lining, the lasting power is not as long but it's ok.

For the #8 pencil, now I must give my applause for Pony. To be able to use this pencil as an eyebrow pencil is super hard. Not only because the shade is really light, it's so creamy that it's hard to control. Now I'm actually stuck because I can't use this for my eyebrow (well, I could but..), and it's too light for eyeliner, maybe I'll use it for eyeshadow? Still figuring stuff out here! 

LEFT before application RIGHT after application (eyebrow and lower waterline)

Overall, I think the concept of this pencils are simply genius - but it's just unfortunate that 2 pencil that I purchase didn't work as good as I thought it would be. Nevertheless, I'm currently using the #8 almost everyday because it's really helps opening my eyes and it's definitely more natural that white eyeliner.

Thankyou for reading! Have you tried the Play 101 Pencil? Any shade to recommend? :D

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  1. if that's the problem then i'd rather buy an actual eyebrow pencil, it's cheaper too. try using as an eyeshadow i think the color will look natural as a contour :O your swatch with pony's video of the #42 looks different, i thought it was going to be an ashy blondish brown (...waaat) but yea so glad you reviewed! the concept is so cool i almost spend my money on it lol


  2. I think the concept of these are really interesting and unique, but hopefully it's not one of those products where it's poor at trying to do everything rather than being really good for one thing. I think #42 could be used as an eyeshadow. :) x

  3. Love love the nude shade for the waterline! I totally need a nude eyeliner!

  4. i am currently waiting for my package to arrive because i won this Play 101 Pencil from Etude House Malaysia facebook giveaway. hopefully the colour I get will be useful and marvelous ^_^

    Mieza | Mieza Everdeen's Blog

  5. Very Nice picture mu on.. To the next level banget nih hahahahha

  6. Yg merah no 23 itu cakep filll.. cuma ya itu pake warna merah bisa diitung jari :')

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