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Hello Everyone! Though I promise myself not to slack off and write write write every time I got a chance, the procrastination DNA that runs in my veins always sneak away and making my day less productive. But hey, I'm back!

Today is another long due post that I planned for months back, but ended up not being posted and I have to retake the pictures twice - even thrice I can't remember. As you can see from my posts, I'm usually not a girl that splurge out for beauty stuff, mainly because I'm currently living in Korea where I could get easier access to Korean beauty stuffs and also the price of high-end products that are allover pricier.

None of these product I got in Korea - and I bought these stuff with my own money unless stated! :D

Anw, here it is!

1. LORAC PRO eyeshadow palette, front of the line PRO eyeliner, and behind the scenes EYE PRIMER - Part of the Rockin' Red Hot Set for 2013 holiday. Not only it's cheaper than the eyeshadow palette itself, but it also come with bonuses to complete your eye look - eyeliner pen brush and eye primer! I got it off for IDR 600.000 from a friend KATH. I haven't try the eyeliner, but the eyeshadow palette is AS GOOD as everyone says! The primer is also great!  

2. MAC Pro longwear concealer in NC25 - HKD 150. I bought this baby in HK airport on my way back to Indonesia. And this is DA BOMB, it conceals so perfectly and definitely looooong wearing. I'm using this concealer whenever I need look 'flawless'. The pump is kinda hard to work with, but it's ok

3. BOBBI BROWN Long-Wear Even Finish Foundation SPF 15 in Warm Sand 2.5. HKD 450. Finally, my first high-end foundation that I have! I adore everything about this foundation - except for its scent that smells like a lavender massage oil. Fortunately I didn't have problem with the lavender oil. Another reason for me to invest on this foundation is because my graduation picture is going to be taken in this semester - and I definitely need a pretty good foundation so my face'll look good too. 

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte in #7 Lingerie Pink and #8 Rose Fetish. Around KRW 55.000 - come in a pack of two, I asked a friend to purchase it for me (on an airplane - it's only available in several flight!). I always adored YSL lipstick packaging! Both of the color is pink - one is light baby pink (#7) and brighter pink (#8). I love these to death, and the scent is just so fresh, they smell like papaya! 

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine in #8 Pink in Confidence. Birthday gift from Shya&Pricil! The shine line is definitely more sheer but the lasting power is as good as the other two! In less than a month I have 3 YSL lipsticks!! :O The lipstick is an MLBB shade - I know I have to use it more often but I still kept it in the box ^^;


Next is my haul from Seoul! I've been splurging tooooo much beauty product and I tell myself not to buy more beauty products. After I overlook my purchases, you can see I'm going pants crazy. BUT I did't purchase *almost* no beauty product (unless you count nail polish as beauty stuff, then I'm screwed) 

top to bottom

1 & 2. FOREVER 21 - high rise denim jeans (medium denim) - KRW 9.800 & high waisted denim jeans (indigo blue) KRW 11.800 Forever 21 is a store that I never miss when I'm in Seoul - I can order online most of their items (and it's easier that way) but looking the stuff irl definitely make purchasing decision much easier and I won't have to go through sizing / material problem from online purchasing. I'm so happy that I purchase this two jeans (especially the second one!) because f21 jeans are thin, that makes them extra comfortable! 

3. UNIQLO - Black Jeggings. KRW 19.900 I lost my favorite f21 high waisted jeggings and I didn't see it in the store or the online store :( this jeggings is definitely comfortable, but it's not as thick (nor as cheap) my f21 jeggings - but nevertheless, I'm happy! :D

4. STYLE NANDA - Belt Set Denim Big Shorts. KRW 34.700 More pictures for this shorts in SN's website. I've been looking for a shorts like this, shorts that have a very big leg opening - you know what I'm sayin'. And the fabric is soooo soft! I know I might have to wait for months until I can actually wear this outside! 

5. FOREVER 21 - White T-shirt. KRW 6.800 just another necessities - another piece that I have to wait until summer to wear. 

STYLE NANDA Nail Lacquer in MT01. KRW 4.000 - I always wanted this color so bad but it's always sold out until my last visit to SN's flagship store! I freakin' love this color - very unique and definitely shiny and pigmented. On my nail is one layer with no top coat. LOVE LOVE LOVE! 

That's it for this time! I really love doing this kinda post. Not only I can talk about a lot of product in one post, but I felt like this kinda posts are more personal than 'review's. Recently I felt my blog is so un-personal. Maybe because I feel responsible to the 240+ followers (GUYS, THANKYOU SO MUCH I CAN'T NEVER DO ALL OF THIS WITHOUT YOU GUYS) 

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