REVIEW : Laneige's White Plus Renew Emulsion

Hello guys! Back again! Today I have a review for a skincare that I've been super loving from Laneige! It's definitely not a love at a first sight with this product. But I have been using it constantly for a month now, and I definitely see a change! This is my long-due review!


      PRODUCT NAME      
white plus renew

      type of product      
(skin care) emulsion.
for all skin types. 
Day & Night

krw 33.000 (100ml)

      site info     
laneige official site (korean)

Although this product is provided to me by Hotdeals in Korea, it did not gave any influence to any of my review. All the opinion stated below are all my own! Thankyou HiK!

After being sent to me from HiK, I was using other Laneige skin care that was also sent to me (Read HERE). So I have to postpone my trial for a few days. But I was really satisfied with the other Laneige product, although it's a different product, I don't want to mix both items so I could really write what I felt (like the difference and do I like the product). 

The first few day of using the product, I can't really tell how I felt, so I take the challenge and bring this product to Indonesia. While at home, I was using this religiously, just because I became used to applying this! Not after 2 weeks using this I found out the very positive effects this product brings! 

First, let's talk about the packaging. The bottle is made out of glass, quite big and heavy, definitely not travel friendly. I move some products to a travel plastic bottle, because the liquid itself is very runny, I don't have a hard time pouring the product out without a pump (Not like a ketchup bottle, if you're confused!). The bottle is not transparent, so I can't figure out how much I have left.

So, here's the magic it does : the redness near my nose and cheek area has been decreased a lot! I also noticed that it brightens up my face and evening it out!! So sad that I don't have a before-after picture because I didn't expect that the difference would be this great! 

Basically what it does is it destroy(?) pigments in the skin that are too red, yellow and black. Laneige explained it in their CF for this line :

Overall, I think this product deserve a 10 out of 10!!!! The serum (which is the main product from this line) will work so much faster to even out skin tones, but it's so freakin' expensive I might have to save up money from NOW!!

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