OOTD : That hot winter days

This is my first and maybe last OOTD taken in Indonesia. Haha. I shot this together with my AB pal, Clara (If you may notice, this is the different clara from my videos!). We want to shot more, but I have to reject because of my wardrobe shortage while in Indonesia. Plus, the weather is so unforgiving, we have fought the mosquitoes to get a decent picture.

I just realized that I shamelessly dressed myself in H&M and forever21 from head to toe. lol. Also I have a slight obsession with croc print leather that I might have purchase another bag with similar texture. (now I only have to look for a shoes. hmph)

It's taken sometime ago, but it just now I get the time to actually upload it. wiiiiii. Thankyou, procrastination!


TOP h&m | BLACK TANKS | SHORTS zara | BOOTIES forever21
NECKLACE h&m | HEADBAND korean store
SATCHEL BAG forever21

Here's the lovely lady that shot me (She's like 10x prettier than me, I almost considering to not putting her picture here. fml) -i'm just kidding, or am i


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