This is a very long delayed post, I know. Introducing the super cute Peri Pera's Peri's Ink! Mine is #2 시선루팡 :) 


      PRODUCT NAME      
Peripera Peris' Ink

        type of product        
Lip ink/tint

#2 시선루팡

KRW 9.000

peri pera official site (kor)

First, the packaging is undeniable cute. Everyone will definitely ask what is that whenever I pulled this out from my bag. Inspired by real ink, the packaging is one of the reason on why I feel the need to invest in this product!

The applicator is very firm, but still very easy to apply and the applicator is flat on its side, so it's great for even application and to make that Korean style gradation lips too!

The product itself is more like a gel type lip tint, that literal ink - which I thought this lip tint will be super watery but it's not. It's definitely much more solid that Peri Pera's Water Tint. 

I do think Peri Pera is one of the best brand in lip tints, and with this they prove it once more! 

The gel-type tint didn't settle in lip lines as much as the water tint, it's definitely easier to apply and control (remember how I said I always get tints in my teeth with the water tint - nope, it won't happen with this one!). 

This tint is famous for being long lasting, so long lasting that its minus point is their lasting power. Peri Pera also launced a specific remover for this ink product so that it'll disappears. For me, I didn't need specific remover, I just used my regular cleansing and remover and it's pretty much gone. (but on the day I took a pic of the swatch on my hand, it took 3 days for it to completely gone from my hand ._.)

They state that this lip tint is so light, you won't feel it. I say, yes it is. It's so light and definitely not as drying as regular water tints, so you won't feel discomfort or feeling of something in your lips. Lasting power is definitely one of it's strong point, as the pigmentation is not as vivid as other tints but it still comparable with those with brighter, more vivid shade tints. 

I found that other than using this lip tint alone, this could be a great base for vivid colored lipstick. So sometimes when I'm using bright shade lipstick, I used this lip tint first and then the lipstick. Since the lip tint has this staining effect, when the lipstick faded, it won't leave an awkward spots where my true lip color exposed, instead it'll shows the stain the lip tints left so it'll look less disturbing! :)

Super, super love this product. It's long lasting, not drying and the cute packaging is everything. The pigmentation might be not as strong or as vivid as other lip tint, but I say it's great for everyday use!

The super cute packaging is definitely an eye catcher and you'll be famous in a second once you shows your lip tint on your weekly girlfriend meeting! XD

Oops, one more thing is that when my friend used my tints, she said it has no bitter taste which probably older "original" tints had. That's another plus point I should say! The scent isn't strong too :)

Thankyou so much for reading, folks! :))

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Where to find me :
tumblr // youtube // instagram // twitter // deviantart

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