Such a long time since I last updating this blog #sigh.
I even don't have the time to update my kakao talk theme changing post!! 

ARGGH I hate my self for my not responsible in time management. 
Second year was so awful, many tasks waits, and I still don't get that urge to, you know, STUDY.


Anyway just telling you guys I'm pretty much alive and yeah, struggling to my freedom which is NEVER. 

The only thing that makes me happy all week is the ARRIVAL OF MY LARUKU TICKETS. OMG. FINALLY.

Can't post the picture anyway. But it was different from what I have thought. I thought the design would be so much prettier, like at least put Larc's member face won't hurt much right.

Anyway I might not be updating anything UNTIL my Laruku concert, which is also the end mark of my mid test!!! 

Just a short blabber <3 

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