I was tagged (like almost a month ago) but I was probably dozing off somewhere that time so I didn't get to it as quick. So here's my LIPS OF THE WEEK! :) I was tagged by ce Rini from you know, rinicesillia.com <3

After I shot the shade swatches on these lipsticks, I noticed that everything is in the same shade, like literally, the same COLOR. But then it really justifies my taste in shade, my love for these plum shade.

First, the only neutral shade in the stack is Innisfree's CreamyMellow lipstick in #3 Cream Coral. I thought I wouldn't use it a lot during the colder months, because the color came out very warm, but turns out it matches most of my eye makeup look. It ended up in my school bag for months.

For the plums, I got my Etude House Dear My Lips in RD302, still not my favorite texture-wise. I had to mix a hella lot of lipbalm to make my lips less dry with this lipstick, but I can make it work so I keep using it. Next are 2 of my 3CE lip products, it's #604 VAMP lipstick and 3CE Lip Lacquer in #desert flower. The Vamp lipstick is similar with my EH lipstick, but it's just less red, more like brownish-dark-burgundy, and believe me that slight difference do show up. 

3CE Lip Lacquer is the one that I pick when I want to make a plum gradation lips, because of the slim tip it's easier to work with. And the last one is my favorite out of the bunch, it's Maybelline's Lip Polish in GLAM6 - It's moisturizing, stays for a long time, and the color is really pretty. It's the brightest plum color out of the bunch, so when I'm feeling less fancy I usually use this :p


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  1. Oh dear, those wine and plum shades are stunning!!! I would love to try the maybelline or innisfree lip products! Haven't tried either yet!

  2. Ah you look pretty in plum fil.. Aku yg pake plum ketok tmbh tua plus judes :(

  3. Wonderful colors! I really like them :3

  4. seems like you wore a lotta plum during the week nicce! the colors are sooo gorgeous! for me, i wore a lotta nudes lol

  5. I LOVE all the shades! I see you've been enjoying your plum colours ;)


  6. Makeup With A HeartDecember 9, 2014 at 9:50 AM

    The dark lippies look so scary in the tube but it looks they can be sheered out for a less intimidating look! Will have to look into the Maybelline one :D

  7. sebenernya aku pengen beli yg dessert flower jg, tp ntar jd banyak bgt warna burgundy di koleksi lippies hahah XD
    warna burgundy mmg cakep ya fil, km suka yg vamp, aku suka yg bella *.*

  8. That's so funny that they are all the same shade! I've been loving the plummy colors for winter. Have you seen smashbox in fig? I think it'll be right up your alley haha.

    Would love if you check out my blog! Just followed you on twitter :)
    Raincouver Beauty

  9. I love the colors of these *_* It is perfect for this time of the year (fall/winter) :)

  10. Lovely colours~ ^^ I really like what you did with the photos btw.

  11. I'm in love with 3CE Lip Lacquer range too! It glides like a dream, shame about the powdery finish though.



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