Finally, the long awaited review is here. I blame the winter wind that makes me snuggles inside my blanket all the time. 3CE from Style Nanda had recently released the cutest collection ever, the Dots collection! In the collection they have eyeshadow quad palette, lipsticks, hand mirrors and stick on nails.

This time I'll bring in the review for the eye shadow palette and the lipstick!

First I'll go with the lipstick, the "Original 3 Concept Eyes Lip Color" in #802 Love Sick (I didn't choose the shade because of the name that coincidently with my favorite Thai Lakorn. Or did I?) 


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Original 3 Concept Eyes Lip Color"

        type of product        

#802 Love Sick 

KRW 17.900

3CE Official Site


I'm in love with their original packaging and now that they give these little dots - seems like they want to kill me with their packaging. The lipsticks from the Dots collection came with 2 shades, #801 Air Balloon is the black one, and the other being this one. 

One thing that I ticks me about this product is the shade. Yes. From all the pictures and in their official website, it totally likes the shade will be pink with a hint of red.

But if you look at my swatch pictures you'll see that it's definitely not pink, it's more to a red hot warm tone red - which I don't really prefer because it makes my white look less white :( Totally a Christmas red, and it's nice because it's the holiday season! Honestly, it's not a shade that I'll gonna use everyday tho. If only it was a real pink like in the picture!

Nevertheless, I do like 3CE's lipstick and I liked the fact that they actually launch a new shade rather than doing a repackage of an already existing shade. I think the Pink Collection lipsticks' shade aren't new. 

3CE lipsticks are really pigmented and it's not drying on the lips. Even though this lipstick is really bright, it doesn't really stains the lips after the lipstick got erased. It has a glossy finish and the sheen is just enough! 

 LEFT applied really thin with a lot of lip balms RIGHT full lips

Pigmented shade
Not drying
Super cute packaging
Smooth application
Can be used sheerly
Not sticky and nice glossy finish

Shade isn't the same as the one portrayed on the website

Overall, very disappointed at the shade outcome. In real life the shade came out really more to a red than pink, maybe it does photographed pink because the swatch that I did also somewhat came out pink (?) 

I do like the sheer look from this lipstick, so I'll try to keep on using this! Next post will be about the eyeshadow palette, so keep your eyes for that! :) 

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  1. its a lovely shade of red! It looks so nice on you!

    Jessie @ bijou-heart ♥

  2. aku br aja mau review yg air balloon, fil! hahaha XD

  3. The polkadotted packaging is such a cute and fun twist for 3CE! ^ v ^


  4. Love the polka dot packaging :) Too bad the shade isn't what you expected. Still looks nice on you though!


  5. Ahhh! How gorgeous!! I totally would love to own a palette like this from them, it looks like shu uemuras style of packaging, so chic! Love the colors!

  6. Yesh I prefer these dots than the pink one they've released :P

  7. hahahhaa udah liat aduh pas bgt cece yang item aku pny yang putih wkwk

  8. What a lovely lipstick! It's a shame it's not the same shade as on the website, but other than that it looks really solid! I would definitely add that to my collection of red lipsticks!
    Miss Blue Eyes


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