REVIEW : 3CE Dots Collection Eye Shadow #Sienna


Now it's the eyeshadow palette review from 3CE's Dots Collection! In this collection they came up with 2 shade selections for the palette. The white one is #saddle and it has cooler tone and the black one (the one that I have) is #sienna and it has warmer hues.

Both of the eyeshadow palettes are very neutral, all are brown shades and all of the eyeshadows are shimmers.


      PRODUCT NAME      
"3 Concept Eyes Eye Shadow Palette"

        type of product        
eyeshadow quad palette


KRW 32.000

3CE Official Site

The palette is as cute as ever, with simple black rectangle with transparent part in the middle filled with dots. Though the palette seems small, the eyeshadows is literally filling every spots on the palette so it's quite big I guess. 

As you can see inside, there's no mirror, no applicator included just like other 3CE's product. Thinking that this is a perfect super cute travel palette, the mirror-less packaging is just a big hassle. 

All the shades contain glitters and shimmers, the first 2 have more glitters than the other 2, but all are definitely shimmery. If you look back I used to dislike shimmers / glitters, but now, all I have is shimmers! As I like to keep the other part of my face super matte, it seems a little bit of glitters or shimmers are ok for the eyes. 

I think all matte looks will make you look old too. So, better take your shimmers and be 17 again! :p

The pigmentation aren't that great, they're not really buildable too, probably because of its shimmery finish. Shimmers eyeshadow in general looks less pigmented; anyway the pigmentation gets better a little with eye primer. They're easy to blend - too easy probably, it's easy to over-blend and make all the 3 shades looks like they're one shade only. 

This is a look I came up with using all 4 shades. Once blended the reddish brown aren't really noticeable! 

Super cute packaging
Neutral shades 
Medium pigmentation - perfect for an eyeshadow amateur! 

Expensive price :(
No mirror (and applicator) 

Overall, I think this palette is a super meh product. Nothing special about it other than it being 3CE from Style Nanda and its super cute packaging. I think the price is a little bit too up there, but maybe that's 3CE price range for ya. There's a lot of better palette out there with more affordable price (definitely less cute, but if you're looking for super nice quality, you won't find it in this product) 

Now that I have this palette, I still use it sometime since the colors are great for daily use. But if you're planning to get it, I can't 100% recommend you this product, unless you're a dots maniac then feel free to get this! :p

So, the holiday season's hightlight is tommorrowwww! New Year! This post might be my last post for 2014! 2014 has been a bumpy yet exciting ride and I think I've accomplished a lot and in the same time I spent too much time to procrastinate, when I should be able to achieve more. I really looked forward for this new year :3

Anyway! 2014년 마무리 잘 하시고 내년에 또 봅시다! :) 새해복많이받으세요! Happy *early* New Year!

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  1. Shame cause the swatches are so gorgeous. Maybe if it was cheaper x

  2. Thank your for the honest review! c:

  3. The shadows are so pretty! Loving the reddish brown shade the most!

    Jessie @ bijou-heart ♥

  4. AHH! This quad is PERFECT. I love the shades and love how the palette is compact, no applicator and the see through dotted cover is really fun and its nice you can see the shades! Thanks for the review filia!

  5. These colours look like they have such good pigmentation! ^ u ^


  6. I agree; I love wearing shimmery eyeshadows because they make me feel more youthful! The 3CE polka dots packaging is so cute - I want it all! This palette is especially tempting because the colours are wearable for every day. :)

  7. I thought of getting this! Your review just saved me a good 30 bucks lol. The packaging is so cute but sadly it's a meh product :(


  8. awww i had high hopes for this product because 3ce is known for its quality! thanks for letting us know the truth!


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