HAPPY NEW YEAR! How's your holiday??

At the end of 2014, I got a chance to visit "Ghibli Studio" exhibition in Seoul! This was actually the highlight part of the trip as I'm A BIG GHIBLI fans. Yeah. Sadly not of my friends are, but I successfully get 2 Ghibli maniac boys to go together.

This year Japanese animation just having its great year in Korea. There's a Ghibli Soundtrack's Jazz Concert in Busan, there's this Ghibli Studio exhibition and there's soon or probably happening right now is "One Piece" exhibition in Busan. I'm really glad that the exhibition is held in Korea, at least I can still see it before it closes and moves somewhere else.

DATE 3rd September 2014 ~ 1st March 2015 

TIME 11am to 8pm (last entry 7pm) 

LOCATION Yongsan Station (용산역) Ipark Mall 6th floor (아이파크몰) 특별전시관

TICKET adults 15.000 / under18 12.000

CONTENT 3D World, Art in a Box, Trick Art and Photo zone


I think they have a total of 6 titles of Ghibli creation, Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Pom Poko, My Neighbour Totoro, Porco Rosso and Spirited Away. No "Ponyo" or "Kiki Delivery Service" - or even Laputa, but overall it's a satisfying exhibition.

It's really easy to spot the location as the mall is actually connected to the subway station. 

I honestly didn't watch Porco Rosso and Pom Poko, so I was kinda lost on those 2 exhibitions. Maybe those 2 is popular in Korea so, yep. 

So here's a quick look on the exhibitions (you can take pictures of all the exhibits, no touching and no videos! WHY? Because some of the exhibits ARE ACTUALLY MOVING. Super cool.) 



Overall, I'm pretty much satisfied at the exhibition, for KRW 15.000, I think they worth every penny. The exhibition is quite small, and we literally finished all the exhibits in about 45 minutes. But it can take longer if it's crowded. It's fortunate for us because when we came the crowds aren't that a lot. I saw a pic where they even lined before the Totoro exhibits. I personally thought the "Spirited Away" exhibits are the best!

It's sad that the only legit photo zone is with the Faceless. And because it's in Korea, the quotes and writing, also explanations(?) are all in Korean. While browsing the exhibits you don't really need informations or stuffs like that anyway, the sad thing is you just can't feel the quotes because they're just... not the same, even when you understands Korean.

Anyway, all the merchandise of the characters that are not in the exhibits are still sold in the souvenir shop. I wanted to buy something but in the end I just don't find something that I really liked...

When we entered the exhibits, they also gave us a stickers to commemorate the visits. Then we stick it on the wall just after the exit.

and here's the rest of the "artworks" - I'm really impressed because all the people keep the Ghibli theme alive on the scrabble wall!

funniest. Haku. ever. 

I really glad that I got the chance to visit this exhibition, as I'm not even a long time fans, I just got into Ghibli like 2 years ago, and still I got the chance to visit. Thankyou for reading the post, more questions, comment down below! :DDD

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  1. Woah, yang ini keliatannya baru seru. Summer tahun lalu mereka cuma meng-exhibit storyboard yang bahkan ga bole difoto, so boring and disappointing.


  2. Ah, how cool is that! I would definitely have gotten one of the Susuwatari from the gift shop if they had any!


    Miss Blue Eyes


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