Remember that I said I'll be back with some stuffs on my 2nd visit to "Moonshot" store on this POST. Yes I did! I went back during Christmas and bought some stuffs. I've stalked the website quite often and made an imaginary list on stuffs I have to get when I'm there (again)

The visit to the store can be very "pressuring" because of the exclusive-ness and the place itself is really fancy and all. Very, very 부담스럽다. Anyway, because I already have the stuff I wanted in my mind, I quickly test them to see if they look great irl or not, in 10 minutes I already decided what I wanted. Then, I tell the SA what I want and he quickly find all the stuff for me.

Things I got :

1. Color Moonwalk Cream Paint in 106 Bonne Mares
2. Color Moonwalk Stick Extreme in Nude Fiction M802
3. Moonshot Perfection Dark Spot Concealer in Light Medium 01

Outside the stuff that I got, they also gave out some samples for me to try, the pink box is "Concentrate Serum Essential" face oil, I think, and the other is a tinted moisturizer "Multi Protection Skin Tint" in Natural 1 (obviously too light for me)  :

Other then that, they have this promotion going on, for every purchases over KRW 70.000 you'll get a free makeup pouch, and a clutch for purchases over KRW 100.000 :o

And let me tell you, the pouches are very well made. It's really simple and pretty, totally my style hehe!

Overall their service is really top notch. A lot of people been comparing this to Style Nanda's 3CE, and I do think so. Their packaging, and their store concept is pretty similar. The SAs are friendly (some even good-looking, I see tourists from China actually took pictures with the SA. that's cute)

well, actually TOO friendly I think. When I paid my stuffs on the cashier, there's a problem with the connection and it took a while to process. And also the SA actually took a wrong shade of my lipstick, luckily they open the packaging one by one to make sure that the shades are correct. And ofcourse they change to the correct one and make sure again.

While doing all that I spoke in Korean, and while waiting for it I conversed with my friend in Bahasa (duh). The SA was looking at me so strangely, maybe he wondered lah for a bit where does exactly this girl come from. When things are done, the SA gave me another 'sample' in which is a KRW 9.000 value Cotton Pad (I forgot to take a picture of it, it's kinda huge.) and asked a few questions like, where do I come from etc.

And then came a very awkward question for me: "Do you know about this brand before you came here?", so I said, "uuhm.. yes?", then he asked again, "How do you know??"

"......uhm...... (after a few awkward eye contact with my friend)...... because I.... like...k-pop...?"

In case you don't know this cosmetic brand is owned by YG entertainment, home to Big Bang, Jinusean, Lee Hi, and Winner etc - I even knew about this brand from Allkpop!

The SA just smile brightly "Ah... So you like K-pop!" and high-fived my and my friend before we went out. Seriously.......

Maybe it just me, sometimes I'm embarrassed to admit that I like K-pop. But at least I'm being honest! The moral of the story is that even though the SAs look intimidating, they're actually nice! (or definitely trying their best to be nice)

I'll review each of the products I got soon! xx thankyou for reading :*

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  1. That lipstick is a really nice shade <3 I don´t think there is any make-up brand in Europe that has such close relations to a music genre - that´s very interesting ^^-

  2. Oooo what a interesting new brand to me! I've never seen it before! Can't wait to see future reviews!

  3. Your haul looks amazing. I love the backdrop for the pictures. Can't wait to read your reviews too!

  4. I can't wait for the reviews!
    It's nice to hear that the customer service was great. Not gonna lie, I get pretty intimidated going into some cosmetics shops sometimes because I hate how condescending some SAs can be. I'm glad you had a good experience. :)
    I also knew about this brand because I listen to K-pop and follow some of the news about my favourite artists lol.

  5. Ahhh that moment... If anyone asked me how I found out about the brand, I'd definitely say that it's because I like K-pop too. Aha high five!

    Connie from theconbonz

  6. sebenarnya pengen beli sihh tapi harganya itu lhoooo T.T
    ntar aja deh pas k korea lg biar bs nyoba di store nya langsung >.<

  7. Looking forward to the reviews! Their products are pretty pricey though. I hope they work wonder :D Absolutely wanna visit their store!


  8. krw 70.000 for three items? :o
    I'm waiting for the product review


  9. These products look really interesting! Can't wait for the reviews! That's good that the customer service was great. While I was in Korea, I felt intimidated in some stores when the SA were cold and it felt like I was being discriminated for not being Korean. LOL Can't wait for their English website to launch. I wonder if they will eventually have an international online store~

  10. Really really interested to see your reviews! I haven't heard the best things about some products from other blog posts. Thanks for sharing your haul and experience in store!

  11. i would love to hear your thoughts about this brand. heard some negative reviews on it though. but hoping that you will like them.

    Chie | The Brown Eyed Fox

  12. I've never heard anything about this brand! I'm looking forward to read your reviews!



  13. I totally get embarrassed when I have to say Kpop as the answer -_- like some of the others I heard negative reviews on the brand. Before I left Korea I went into the samcheongdong store but was totally intimidated by the guys in there again and ran out hahaha *sigh*...

    Fancy Nancy’s YouTube

  14. If people are comparing this to 3CE, then I shall check it out :p I have never heard of the brand, that lipstick design looks really nice thou :3 Do they ship internationally?

  15. Just came accross your blog, and so far, I'm loving it !
    I didn't know about the brand before you mentionned it, but I would love to read your reviews !

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