REVIEW : Aritaum's Shine Fix Eyes


Before continuing all the moonshot craze, here's a review for Aritaum "Shine Fix Eyes" that I got last year on their 1+1 event!


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Shine Fix Eyes"

        type of product        
glitter eyeshadow

#3 Coconut Bay (코코넛 베이)
#10 Autumn Breeze (어텀브리즈)
#18 Sweet Lady (스윗레이디) 
#20 Love Bite (러브 바이트)

KRW 8.000


Nothing special from the packaging, just a simple (and bulky) pots. Though one of my Korean friend successfully depoted these shadows to a eyeshadow palette, I don't have a palette that can contain these so I'm stuck with these bulky pots :(

Inside, there's a black something that use to press down the product so that it keep it place secure on the pots. 

Look how bling-bling those eyeshadows are O_O Though the appearance is similar to L'oreal infallible eyeshadow (?) I can't compare those because I never tried L'oreal one, but they sure look similar. The texture is like cream, but not exactly creamy too, but anyway if you pressed it down it will leave a dent over the product. 

It's more like glitters filled eyeshadow, rather than pure glitters, because they still have a shade color (?), like it's not only glitters but there's also some cream eyeshadow that goes with it. 

#3 is the lightest out of the other 4 shades I got, it's a champagne beige shade. 

#10 is a neutral golden shade - perfect for lid color 

#18 is my least favorite shade from the bunch, it's a cool tone pink color. It's a new addition for their F/W collection. 

#20 is a dark reddish brown shade, loving this one too <3

With these shadows, I think you can achieve a super bling-bling effect like when using a loose glitter  makeup, which can be a big mess most of the time. The biggest problem when using glitters might be the fallouts, and these have so much less fallouts (almost none). 

I thought this product will make my eyes look like disco ball, but in reality it's less intense than that and it looks more like shimmers than chunky glitter on the eyes. 

super bling bling! 

LEFT using #3 in the inner corner RIGHT using #10 and #20 in the lid

Sadly the swatches on my eyes aren't showing the glitter effect as much :(

Overall, I'm loving these products more than I thought I will be. Especially because they're not as extremely glittery as I thought it would like. It's more like I can give a small accent point on my eyes, like for putting some on my inner corner, or a tap on the middle of my eye lid.

When using these eyeshadow for my lids, I like to wet my brush with eyedrops first so that it apply more pigmented. Nevertheless the shade shows up ok (I don't use eyedrops / eye primer for my swatches)

For you Korean style makeup lovers, I think this is a must have product! It's a big item too among Korean beauty bloggers (or among people in general - one of Aritaum's best selling item!). As for recently, I'm really enjoying shimmer look on my eyes so I think I've used these babies more than I should ^^;;;

Check out the link for their full collection! :) Thankyou so much for reading ;)

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  1. I was thinking of getting these when I was at Aritaum but decided against it without any specific reason lol Now I regret I didn't get them! Love the little gif :)

    x Stella

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  2. omg they are sooo gorgeous!! they're perfect for a natural look with bling!! LOVE it!

    Ore :)
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  3. I was also thinking of buying this at the 1+1 event but I didn't because I thought they were too sparkly but seeing the swatches and how you used them I'm totally regretting it right now!

    Fancy Nancy’s YouTube

  4. I like your contact lens! (*sorry it's out of the point)

  5. I have a few of these eyeshadows and love them! They're so shimmery and pretty.


  6. wow Look at that shine! These are beautiful!
    Thanks for the review :)


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