REVIEW : Moonshot "Color Moonwalk Stick Extreme" lipstick in "NUDE FICTION"


Finally, the first review from my "Moon Shot" haul! Before all of that, how's 2015 for you? Mine started pretty bumpy, yeap even though it's still a holiday season for me, but it seems that I didn't do much.. to cut things short, I had some problem with my visa application to Japan (YES, I'm going to Japan again at the end of the month! Can't wait!) and my portfolio progress isn't went really well too, as well as the blog..

BUT! I saw Leo (yes, LEO of VIXX - well actually all the members too..) on Monday, for a few seconds only tho, but he's as perfect as I imagined he is. They were in Busan for a fansign event, I didn't get into the fansign tho, but it's ok, caught a glimpse of him!

Now, to the real review! :D


      PRODUCT NAME      
"Color Moonwalk Stick Extreme"

        type of product        

M802 Nude Fiction

KRW 26.000

MoonShot official site

First, love the packaging, love everything - especially the pixelated sign over the cap, the design itself drove me crazeeey! On the website sadly you can't see the symbol because it's located like over the cap, the image on the website can be boring as hell because it's like a black rectangle, and that's it? 

The price, of course, I thought a lot about it and still I purchased it. Some might definitely say, why not go for a MAC lisptick, or a NARS lipstick (gimmeeee) but maybe it's a blogger instinct, I want to try something new and share it to you guys! :) 

The shade that I chose is "Nude Fiction", even though I'm right now is obsessed with plumy - dark color, considering that this lipstick has a rounded edge, I think it's easier to work with a nude color, or a color that won't bleed too much.

I think the writing of "Moonshot" in the lipstick bullet is the cutest thing evar! :p Some might compare this to a 3CE lipstick, I'm pretty sure I took a picture of both lipstick but I lost it somewhere :s Anyway, 3CE lipstick is slightly bigger and Moonshot lipstick is matte coated, as the 3CE lipstick is pretty much shiny. Other than that... maybe the lipstick bullet shape?

"Nude Fiction" is a warm peach that has a strong orangey tint to it. For me, it's a perfect nude that wouldn't make my face look sick or washed out! Still, it looks weird on me if I didn't wear any makeup and wear this lipstick alone lol.

Even though it didn't stated clearly on the product description or somewhere else, this shade in particular dries matte. It is said that you can use it not only for lipstick, but for other things, probably for cheek color? but yea, every lipstick can do the same la.

Usually, most matte lipstick has this drying effect, especially when you put your lips together it has that dry feeling - this, didn't happen for this product, it keeps its smooth texture! I can't say that it's moisturizing, but it definitely isn't drying and it felt really good on the lips! :D

LEFT moonshot "nude fiction" RIGHT 3CE "daily lady"

Turns out I have a similar shade from my 3CE lipstick bunch, but "Nude Fiction" is definitely has a stronger peach shade, while the 3CE one have pinkish tone more :D 

There's not particular scent coming out from this lipstick too! yey! 

Overall, I think I got my money worth from this product, I see some reviews over on Naver, and most are saying good stuff about it, mostly about how moisturizing this lipsticks are. (If I have more money to spend) I would love to try other shade, probably the brighter and bolder shades, I want to try to see if the round edge gives problem for the application or not! 

The english website should be here soon! Probably you can ship the product internationally through the website! :) 

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  1. nice color fil ^^ tp mahal amat yaaa >.<

  2. wanginya ky gimana fil?
    untung design nya ga bikin jatuh cinta gimana, klo ga pasti uda ga tahan pengen beli XD

  3. I like nude lipsticks, and I like that this one is more peachy. It's also great to hear that these aren't drying like most matte lipsticks tend to be.

    And I'm jealous you got to see VIXX! (Even if it was just a quick glimpse.) I tried to see them at a pre-recording while I was in Korea in November because they were promoting "Error" at the time, but they weren't scheduled for the same time I was attending. I bet they look flawless in real life too.

  4. This is a gorgeous color! I love the more brown tone to it! It would work better on me because my lips are damn rose toned and I need a really brown toned nude to cover that up!

  5. Interesting! I walked past the store the other day and was gonna give it a look but it was getting dark. Definitely gonna browse through it next time :)


  6. At first I thought it looked really orange, but it looks really lovely on the lips!

    Tegan | Beauty Challenged


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