REVIEW : The Faceshop's Holiday Love Collection Shadow Palette


I know the holiday season just passed, and this post supposed to be up before then but I was completely forgotten. Well, it's better late than never! Anyhoo, here's a review for the "Holiday Love Edition" Shadow Palette from The Faceshop!

The Faceshop

      PRODUCT NAME      
"Holiday Love Edition - Shadow Palette"

        type of product        
eyeshadow palette

20 g / KRW 25.900

The Faceshop Official Site

It came out just slightly before the holiday season, and honestly I wouldn't know about this product if it doesn't showed up on my FB feed. There's a korean blogger that I followed and she reviewed about this and it seems quite good so I decided to try!

You know, Filia, eyeshadow palettes, inseparable.

The palette design itself is a collaboration between "Hwang Na Kyung" - and sorry I don't even bother to look for her in the net, but she must be a illustrator or something right?

I personally love the design, simple and still a very adorable one. The palette has 10 shades, most are jewel toned to match the holiday season. And here's one thing that I like, they included a matte brown shadow to blend the other rather bright colors.

9 out of the 10 shades are shimmers, some has more glitters than the other. The one in the middle is a matte neutral brown shade. It came with a sponge applicator and a mirror filling the lid part.

First of : the pigmentations are good for one two, meh for some, and the rest was plain bad. Like for example the colors on both sides are the worst in pigmentation. And the fallouts are as bad too. The texture also varies too, some are definitely creamier than the other.

I found that the neutral colors are the best from this palette, but if you're looking for a neutral shades I don't think you would buy this palette in the first place.

Nevertheless, with the right technique and patience, I can still get a decent eye makeup look from this palette.

Now, the other problem is I see that the shadows stay on my lid without crease, but the colors are getting less and less pigmented by the end of the day. Like for the shimmers, I see that most of it gone by the end of the day.

<under the flash> selfies

Pretty packaging and the shades are pretty
Doesn't crease

Too much fallouts
Uneven texture 
Poor pigmentation in average
Price and quality aren't even

Overall, the quality of the product is a super 'meh' but looking at the price point, I really want to ask them how that's even possible. Right now it's already 50% off on the website btw. I felt like I was tricked by all the reviews from Naver, it seems like all Korean bloggers didn't even state anything about fallouts or something similar. 

For the pigmentation, I don't have a big expectation from the start, but the darkest shade is the worst really. 

Now that it's 50% off the normal price, and if you think it worth the price, definitely go ahead and purchase it, but it does need a proper tool and tricks too make these eyeshadows actually works. 

Thankyou so much for reading this review! Sorry it took a while to post this :p Have a great day everyone! :D 

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  1. This is pretty much an okay sounding palette I believe from your review! If the product won't last very long then that's half of the quality gone! The colors are okay, I think it could have had one matte shade too. Thanks for reviewing it!

  2. Wah sayang ya. Padahal pekejingnya menggoda hati ternyata isinya gitu2 saja..

  3. cieee sexy bgt yg warna merah kehitaman itu sihiyyy :*
    btw fil tutorial yg di line donk :p

  4. Such a pityyyyyy...The palette have gorgeous colours too :(

  5. nooo! i was having high hopes for this palette too! Its always the cute packaging that gets me then i receive a product i bought and i become disappointed :(


  6. the gold colour is amazing <3 too bad you aren't really that happy with it :( love the looks you made with it though :)


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