CAFE 101 : "You Are Here"


Not a long ago, someone posted on the comment section in my blog saying that I should visit "You Are Here" Cafe by Eat Your Kimchi and TTMIK team - as a fan of both, I do think I should visit the cafe!

Luckily the cafe is not far from my guest house! :D It located around Hongik University Area / Hongdae area, which is filled with hip cafes and places to drink, one of my favorite place to visit in Seoul!

To reach the cafe you have to walk quite a while from the subway station, but it's not that hard to look for. In fact, the EYK team actually made a video on how to get to their cafe! Check the video :

The cafe actually not located in the busy area of Hongdae, it's located around housing area and the cafe itself looks like an ordinary house! PS. I didn't get to meet any of the EYK crew, I think most of the time they won't be there unless they're doing their live chat videos, so don't be disappointed when they're not around! :p


This 2 floor cafe is very spacey, and I think the advantage of located afar from the busy area is the cafe's environment itself is very calm, no traffic sounds and stuffs. The place itself is actually a perfect place for studying! Kinda wish this kinda cafe exists around my uni.

On the first floor, there's a wall filled with merchandises you can of course purchase. There's also some Korean language books and things that can helps your language study!

Oh! Another special thing in this cafe is the video booth area! It's where you can actually record yourself and the team will edit them and upload it on their Youtube channel :)

They do the order on the first floor. Lemme tell you their earl grey macaron is out of this world! :9

The second floor is really spacious! 

The terrace 

There's a place in the 2nd floor where you can put your letters, pictures or anything for the crew! I see a lot of people wrote stuffs there, and I was amazed how people from around the world actually come to visit the EYK crew! 

So, that's it! Thankyou so much for reading! If you ever visit Seoul and you're happen to be in the area, I think it's not a bad idea to visit. If you really want to meet Simon & Martina, better to check their schedule first so that you won't be disappointed.

Until the next post! xx

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  1. the cafe's interior design is so cute!! and the drinks look yummy!! when i visit korea i'm def checking it out!!

  2. Yaay!! *jumpshout
    The place looks reaallly nice. I wanna get seated near that wide window, really like the view.

    Just by reading the post,I feel satisfied enough already. I might act a lil nutty if you happen to bump into Simon and martina and feel excited as if I met them in person hahaha ^o^
    Thank you for the wonderful post!

  3. This cafe looks so interesting fil! XD
    Maybe I should visit this cafe when I visit Korea next time :D


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