If you followed my instagram, you'll know that I did VIXX's "On and On" 다칠준비가돼있어 makeup cover - purely just for fun because obviously I'm obsessing over Leo now. 

I followed a tutorial on youtube from my favorite Korean beauty vlogger in the whole universe : SSINNIM <3 in which she covers "N" makeup in one of her videos!

For you who isn't familiar with the makeup, let me show you some references. 

Now that I look at the pictures, supposedly all the members have the same eye makeup but they didn't. Each one of the has different patterns and strokes, some members have it less dramatic than the other but nevertheless it still look daunting because of their lenses.

still pretty <3

I should have used gold if I want to copy Leo's look. But personally I prefer this look with silver! So here's my look :

The details :

Gaah I know this song is like, 2013? 

Even then I'm not into VIXX and their looks are still in my memories because, the heck was that! Sadly the shocking looks kinda stole the attention from the good song. 

This look is so much fun to do! :D Some people suggest that I should wear this makeup when I (wishfully, in the future) meet VIXX. And my answer will be, sorry I can't because they look 100x prettier than me in this look and I can't embarrass myself like that. 

Thankyou so much for reading! <3 Here's a cat-leo for ya!

pic from pinterest

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  1. kyaaaaa.... *.*

    lagunya bagus kok tp jujur aja aku pertama kali tertarik sm mreka karena liat performance mrka d music bank dgn makeup begini hahaha :D
    you did a great job, Fil.. Leo must be proud of you ihiyyy :P

  2. Sooo creative! I love it! It looks like a more wearable version of the black swan make up! Great job Filia!

  3. Looove it. I loved their makeup during the "On And On" promotions. VIXX is a group that wears makeup really well. It just seems so natural that they wear eyeliner and experiment with different lenses and styles. I think you did a fantastic job recreating N's look!

  4. Whoow, bagus kak looknya, aku ngebayangin kalo cowo make beginian ( yang gold punya leo ) trus pake lensnya dan jalan2, di Indonesia gimana yak respondnya nanti? Haha

    By the way aku juga suka Leo :D, suaranya itu.. bagus, sama Ken juga hehe nice post kak!

  5. ahaha kayaknya bakal langsung muncul di path kalo orang kayak gitu jalan2 di mall jakarta, difoto2in orang2 ngakak. that's why only vixx can pull this look off! :D :D omg iya Leo suaranya ga kuat, kenapa gue baru nemu sekarang lagi Leo D:

  6. Yes! it's so great that they aim for 'trend', and they definitely the only group that can pull it off!

  7. Aaaaaw pretty makeup ! It's really well done!

    Few month i realise an Error's makeup for fun ^^ (link : http://korean-inspiration.eklablog.com/makeup-inspiration-cyborg-vixx-error-a113021728)

    And... I love Leo too !!! ^^

  8. OMG I LOVE VIXX! Still confused about my bias though OTL This was the song that really got me into vixx! Your eye makeup totally rocks!!!~


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