Just a little of cosmetic related stuff I bought from my Seoul trip!

1. [Etude House] Skin Malgeum 4 Step kit (free)
2. [Nature Republic] Blusher, Shine Blossom, in #5 Shading Blossom
3. [Innisfree] Eco nail color, in #83 허브 요거트 Herb Yogurt
4. [Holika Holika] Luminous Silk Aura Pact, in #1 Light Beige
5. [Etude House] Dear My Blooming Nails, in #5 짜릿한 레드 (darker one) and #6 애태우는 베이지
6. [Innisfree] Mineral Glam Brightener, in #3 이슬 닮은 은빛
7. [Etude House] 55 Kissful Tint Chou, in #4 Tangerine Chou
8. [Nature Republic] Berry Baby Lip Balm spf 12, in #2 Peach Berry
9. [Missha] Eye Make-up lash (Natural)
10. [Etude House] Pocket mirror (Free)
11. Hair tie with bunny ear in tosca
12. [Etude House] Minime World Traveler Collection Ms. Cutie Perfume Mist, Citrus Fruity
13. [Etude House] Traveling Make up pouch (free)

*and if you see between number 12 and 9, there's a little pencil stuff, I totally missed that. so it was Etude House's 'Drawing' Eye brow pencil in #1 dark brown.

More detailed pictures of the stuffs, I don't know if I want to make a review out of it, because I'm not a make up geek or something, I just like buying cute stuffs :p

But i pretty like how the stuff working for me now, even though I haven't like try all the stuff. Just the holika powder pact, it's like laces all over, I just don't have the heart to like smear the lace over :(

anyway, have a nice and productive week!


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