I promise after this I'll review the Doraemon Cushion! 
Right now let's stuck to the lip tint review first ok! :D 


      PRODUCT NAME      
Jelly Marmalade

        type of product        
Lip Tint


KRW 3.800

A'Pieu Website

This lip tint didn't came in a box, which is obvious because it's really, really affordable and for it to come with a box will just adds the expense and will not make the price to be that low ok anyway lol

Like the due eyeshadows, the Doraemon's on the packaging all are different and that's what makes all Doraemon collector to lose our mind. lol

The tint is more to a gel than to water tints, which makes it easier to apply! What I like the best from this tint is that it doesn't settle in my lips line and it really applies evenly. Most tints tend to settles too vivid in lips inner corner and stays like that for the whole day, but these tints didn't do that and I really appreciate that!

It's not as stained as much as other lip tints, but in return it is not as drying and what I like the best is it fades out beautifully - not like other that looks flaky and unpleasing at the end of the day.



There's nothing that goes wrong with this lip tints, everything is just so great and awesome and it's Doraemon and it's very affordable - really. It's been a while since I'm into this old school style lip tints and I'm glad that I got this lip tints really! 

Plum shade is not that dark at all, so much wearable and great for a kick in your daily makeup. 

SO thankyou so much for reading this review! I'll see you some other time! OH and also IF you want to try this liptint, make sure you're joining my GIVEAWAY because this liptint is also one of the present yo! :D 
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