Hello! Today I'm going to talk about MY PRETTY HAIR <3 Hehe

I've summarized the process and all the FAQ into one video, tried my best to fit everything into a-less-than 10 minutes video, but everything is in Indonesian because I'm more comfortable in speaking Bahasa rather than English because I don't have to be self cautious about my pronunciation and grammar and stopping for the whole 10 minutes because I can't figure out what some words in English lol

I saw some of you guys actually did ask for English subtitle, and I admit it, editing video is hellish enough and editing english subtitle is time consuming and I can't bring myself to fully concentrate doing that so I'm so sorry!!! 

But for exchange I'm making this blog post answering most questions I got about my hair <3

Q : Where did you do your hair? 

A : I did my hair in Pasar Baru - I bought all the supplies from a store called "Sentosa" (If I'm not mistaken, I'll fix it later if I'm wrong!), from the bleach, the developer and the dye (and later, the shampoo too). All of the product sold there are mainly from Alfaparf Milano - and that's the same brand I used for my hair too. They offer me and my friend a free service (bleach + dye), only by purchasing all of the needed product from the store and I did that :) lucky!

Q : How much did it cost?

A : I was keeping all my bills to really be precise about this, but being a forgetful and clumsy girl like me, I lost all of it. But here's the things I remember : (All in IDR)

Bleach (I used like the whole big can 250gr if I'm not mistaken) + Hair Dye (Bought 3 tubes, 2 grays and 1 blue for mixing purposes) 
TOTAL : 700.000

While bleaching the hair colorist add some kinda vitamin to keep my hair from damage
TOTAL : 150.000

Bought a foil for hair 
TOTAL : 50.000

Add more tubes for the hair dye for more ombre effect 
TOTAL : 300.000

ALL IN : 1.200.000 (that was expensive lol)

the master that did our hairs 

Q : How many times did you bleach your hair?

A : Bleached a total of 3 times, 2 times in the first day and once on the second day. After it all sets up, the dyeing process began and it was quite quick I recall. 

when my hair was bleached twice <3

Q : How long did it take for all the process?

A : For the first day, we began at around 3pm and finished at about 6pm, the second day was from 1pm to 5pm (Adds up to a whooping 8 hours) 
But, add the factor that it's actually only 1 hair colorist present and he had to do both of our hair, me and my friend's

the results!

Q : Why blue?

A : Ok, the long version is on the video, but to cut the story short, I was planning to have a gray shade instead of the blue, but since they're out of the dye, I have to take the blue one instead. 
But, all of my friends know I'm like this big BLUE fan (except Sailor Mercury, she's like blue allover but I'm definitely not into her. But I'm totally into PPG's Bubbles! lol)

still want the gray! :")

Q : How did you maintain it?

A : Actiually, right now I'm not doing pretty well with the managing part of this whole process because clearly I only have a half of the blue left on the hair :( Tomorrow I'm gonna try to tone my hair and let's see if it does any work.

One thing for sure, the purple shampoo I purchased (also at the same store) is helping me to get rid the brassy root part of my hair, since it gets yellowish and it doesn't really go with all the blue happening below it, but it didn't really help me in keeping up the blue :( so still looking for an alternative or I'm just gonna go with gray later :)

purple shampoo is Alfaparf Grey Pride (Shampoo for white & silver hair)

Q : People reaction?

A : Mostly people are very excited to see my hair lol and I definitely got some stare and gazes, especially together with Clara, the silver haired girl in the picture above lol

Obviously, I'm not an attention seeker that dyes her hair just for the sake of attention and stares - no - I did everything just for my personal satisfaction. I want to have this kinda hair atleast once in a life, take a shit load of pictures and you know someday I'll embrace my natural haircolor back again - or not.

Believe me, don't dye your hair for the sake of your significant other, especially for boys - heck, my dad didn't even notice anything different when I went home with almost-blonde hair. HA-HA

when hair is pretty

when hair is less pretty, but face ok lah

Ok, that's it sugars! Thankyou so much for reading!
Anymore Qs are welcome at the comment section below and I'll see you guys around! Ciao

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