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Today I'm bringing you a very exciting (not) review for The FaceShop "Oil Control Water Cushion" in V203 Natural Beige. 

The Faceshop

      PRODUCT NAME      
Oil Control Water Cushion

        type of product        

v203 Natural Beige

KRW 23.000

The Faceshop Website

Nothing really stands out about the design from this cushion BUT they recently released a collaboration with "My Other Bag" and made these cushions from TFS 1000x cuter - and that happened just after I departed from Korea. Oh, that's life

here's their collaboration product :

Sadly, the product itself didn't come with a refill, but I see that now most cheaper roadshop brands didn't even bother to give an extra refill (Except Missha, she's an exception) 

the ingredients

My first impression of this BB Cushion is - "WHAT SHADE IS THIS WHY IT'S SO ORANGE" kinda thought :

The cushion part where you can see the product is like sooooooo orange, that it makes me think my face look slightly like a mandarin orange when I first applied. Well, it's not that bad, but still it really affect my opinion about the shade.

I'm very excited when TFS stated they're gonna launch a cushion for oily skin - I guess not a lot of brands actually marketed their cushion for oil control, so far I only see Laneige, Innsifree and now TFS!

This is a chart from TFS website, sorry it's in Korean, but anyway, it says that this cushion is positioned in the Cover + Matte side.

I can't really agree about the matte side, (or the cover side too tbh)

Looking at my swatch below you can see that the cushion has a strong yellow tone, the coverage it's rather meh (you could build it up, but I rather not because.. it gets cakey)

For the matte finish, you can see that it's not a matte finish, but rather a natural, not-so-dewy, it's-not-makeup-it's-definitely-my-skin kinda finish.

Tbh, I expect this cushion to be matte. But nooooooooooooooooooo

The lasting power was so-so, works better without primer (I found that most cushions work better without primer.. why is dat idk) 

For me, this cushion works best without primer, and without setting powder - what? without setting powder? YES. I usually just use a very minimal amount of powder, like for the under eye and the sides of the nose - I do not recommend to use setting powder all over this cushion because it'll look hella cakey and it's not even at the end of the day. With setting powder, it successfully made my face looks like a block of cement in an hour. Wut.   

Then I realized without powder, I love this cushion so much more. 

Even though it's not matte, but I guess it's doesn't make your face like a tempura fries either. So glad also my face didn't turn out orange during the day. 

This product is a so-so, ok lah product to me. I guess it worth the try. Since my face is in a very decent condition lately, I feel like I gravitated towards cushions more and this TFS cushion is not an exception :) 


I'm giving you guys a chance to actually try this cushion and see how you like it! 

I'm gonna make it easy since I actually have another TFS Oil Control Water Cushion in V203 Natural Beige in stock! I even add some premium "The Therapy" Skin Care Set from TFS 

Until 15 May 2016

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