Who else is excited about VIXX's April 2016 comeback??? I watched the video before this morning and I was surprised with Jellyfish's sudden VIXX teaser photo release on the twitter just hours ago. And I see how cute Leo was with all this cute orange-ish freckles and his deep eye bag just can't get more loveable! 

Sorry about this bad photoshop edit lol this is the best I can do~

The blue lens I used turns out to be not as blue as I want it be :( like Leo's, and now that I see my under eye bag is not as dark as Leo's :( Ah anyway, it's just an inspired and cover makeup so I just did the best I can :")

1. Makeup Geek's Desert Sands all over the lid (warm brown matte eyeshadow)

2. TonyMoly's Backstage Gel Eyeliner in Black for eyeliner, and draw it along the eye natural line so that's it looks like puppy eye~

3. Using Etude House's Look At My Eyes in BR407 (slightly darker than the lid shade - or you can use the same one) to fill inner and outer lower line, and I filled the middle part with Makeup Geek's Mirage (matte cream white)

4. Line my lower line, inner part and outer part with Dolly Wink Eyeliner in Raspberry Red and the middle part with Etude House's 101 Pencil #59 

I applied blush on the center part of my cheek with The Saem Saemmul OR01 Mandarin Kiss (Matte orange shade) and draw the freckles with brown eyebrow pencil (I'm using Sariayu Pensil Alis in Brown)

Made the usual gradient lips with plum/burgundy lip tint, I'm using Tony Moly's Liptone Get it Tint in 06 Dark Night and on top I apply clear gloss / lip balm with glossy finish


I can't get my eyebag to be darker and I have this freakin double eyelid and no matter what I do I can't get my eyes to be as cat-like :( what can I do, I will never get even 1% like Leo :")))))))

Anyway, Let's support their comeback~~~~!!!!!
I hope they'll back with this awesome concept and the song please please be good

Finally I can get to see Leo again on the stage......singing........and dancing..........with the members not kissing matahari on stage


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