KYAAA FINALLY I GOT THESE! I saw these products first at Pearypie's Instagram and I was like I GOT TO HAVE THEM and here they are! Not endorsed but I got these from IG @thebehaviour for IDR 168.000 each

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I got 3 shades from 12 shades available. All of the shades are nudes and neutrals, most are cool tones and taupe-ish - very kekinian and there's definitely a shade for everyone!


      PRODUCT NAME      
Lip Lingerie

        type of product        
Lip Cream

#04 Ruffle Trim
#08 Bedtime Flirt
#09 Corset


NYX Cosmetics US


It didn't come with a box and the applicator is on the flat side, the applicator is stiff so it makes exact and clean application easy! 

#04 Ruffle Trim

04 Ruffle Trim is probably my first love from the whole collection, it's my kinda nude, just nude cream mixed with a little bit of coral!

#08 Bedtime Flirt

#08 Bedtime Flirt is similar to #04, but it's a lil bit lighter and nuder - also definitely cooler than #04
I was afraid that 04 didn't came of too nude on me, so I pick this one up to compare!

#09 Corset

#09 Corset is taupish brown - I saw several swatches before I purchase this, and I saw 09 is not that nude. But when I confirmed my purchase, I saw another swatch picture and it turns up to be so pale. But  I guess I should go for a new color so it won't be similar with other lipstick in my collection, but it turns up to be tooo pale for me :(

On the first application, the texture is super heavenly smooth, it's like mousse and it's really smooth on the lips. In seconds, the product sets on the lips and it looks dry - but when both of my lips touched it felt little sticky, felt like they're gonna stick together and cracks so hard.

The stickiness after it sets didn't come off, it kept on being sticky. And after it sets, I just noticed that I have so much lines on my lips :( Really, really emphasise my lip lines, but luckily since all are nude it's not that noticeable. Lasting power is amazing tho and make sure your lips are properly moisturised before application!

Overall, the feeling of when it first applied and after it sets is totally different and kinda disappointing. After all it's something that I really really wanted to try and probably I'm expecting too much from it. 

However, I saw that a lot of more affordable lip creams are more pigmented in color and not a lot of nudes are available, so I'm pretty much happy with the shade selection! In conclusion, even though the feeling in the lips is not the best, the shade is definitely da bomb! 

So, what do you think? Do you want to try them? :D
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