Recently on Instagram and other social media, the #pubertychallenge is like everywhere. Seeing that I decided to look for my old pics and wow I'm like WHO THE HELL IS DAT HOOMAN.

After riding that memory roller coaster, I remembered the time when I started to be interested in beauty and makeup. And the journey until I have this beauty blog lol If I'm back to high school I might not believe in all this obsession to makeup.

Growing up, I was always into art and probably one thing that people said I'm good at was at, Art. For me, Art is not something that I was too excited about, but I always think Art is the easiest subject out of all things I possibly can do through out my school life. That's the reason I chose Art as my extra curricular for years. For me, Art is much much easier to make than solving math, or accounting.

Anyway, I spent most of my spare time either drawing, or looking at someone's drawing (read : manga reading) but I definitely didn't know even the "m" letter in "makeup", I have no idea and I had no interest in cosmetics - at all. Until in the second grade, when all the girls had these seventeen parties (ok, If you're not Indonesian, most girls in Indonesia celebrated their 17th birthday quite largely~) I have to really invest my time for makeups because, it's like my first parties in my whole life and we have to look good.

By that time, we didn't look for youtube/internet for makeup tips you see. Internet was so limited, we're mainly stuck with magazines (and our mom) to look for tips. I remember I was so frustrated with my eyeliner, that I went to google and found this video of Michelle Phan : 

This video is definitely life changing and I just knew that "Wow, eyeliners are actually a lot". Until that time my mom only used pencil liner and I just knew that there's something called liquid and gel liner. 

After that, some of my friends are actually started to get interested in makeup more, and I remember I bought my very own makeup, its's MAC Cosmetic's Gel Liner in Black Track. It was IDR 180.000 lol and it was expensive even back then. Online shops are not in trends by then, and I had no idea how to purchase makeup outside of actually go to the store and buy the products. 

My obsession to makeup probably started the same time I started to post regularly to this blog. HA

look, I almost look like I wore 0 makeup (2012)

I'm not really sure on what drives me to this makeup obsession, it was probably because of all those youtube videos that I slowly started to collecting makeup. By that time, I don't even think of doing someone else makeup and I'm just enjoying putting on makeup on myself, and look at my innocent face, I felt that my makeup just kept getting thicker and thicker HAHA


I feel that my departure to Korea, plays a great part in my makeup and beauty obsession. Koreans are very, very concerned about how they look, and they were the same 5 years ago. They are very concerned and very open about makeup, they like your makeup, they'll say it, they hate their makeup, they'll totally make comment about it. So, really, appearance is everything in Korea. 

I think most of my friends, whether they use to hate makeup, at some point will dive into it since the access to makeup is very easy and it seems normal to have smokey eyes in the morning. Even one time there's a professor that actually made a comment about someone's appearance since she didn't wear makeup and telling her to be not at all interested in his lesson because of that. Yes, it is that bad. It seems like there's no end if we were talking about Korean and their beauty preference.

that is real.

Back to my story again. I used to be someone's that hate to have her picture's taken, selfie was a big no-no. I know that there's something called "successful puberty" - but my transformation began much later after my puberty lol I'm just saying, it's never late to transform yourself haha and I'm saying that because when I looked at my highschool pictures OMG it was such a nightmare hahahahaha

Now, I embrace makeup as a form of art, and the best part is, this "artwork" of mine is available for everyone to see haha! And I think the more I do it, the more I'm falling to the beauty of makeup. Just like I was obsessed with manga and drawing (I still do), I did makeup for hobby and I glad I can actually do something with it, something I could make a living out of it.

Ok, so here's the picture I'm dying to share for you guys HAHAHAHA

Ok lah, it is still weak. Btw it's me in grade 10 HAHA I'm dressing like a Indian Girl because it was a Culture Day and our class got India for the theme and there you are, me with henna and super no makeup face. It was 2009 :D

Now, for the main event (I think I'm gonna regret this)

fyi, both are selfie ok. Idk why I was so like, tan. It was 2008 anyway
i had a terrible case of acne in my forehead, especially the area between my brows, and my subtle monobrow didn't help it, at all.

Ok now that I see it, it's kind of a cheat since the one on the right is like in different angle than the first one. So, for you can compare (or curse me more) I present you with the similar angle :

And that happened in 8 years, without plastic surgery. HAHA (Ok, I did like beauty procedure, nothing involves scalpel, but injections yes haha - unless the knife used in brow embroidery is also a scalpel.. which I doubt - and the pic on the right is definitely before the brow embroidery thing)

If I erased my makeup, the girl on the left still shows up lah since I did not change any of my face structure. But with less tan and more prominent eyebrows HAHA

Now what I'm saying that, it took me 8 years to get to where I am. And focusing on makeup needs commitment, just like every other subject in life. I feel good with makeup, and if you're too, then DO IT. 

With makeup, undoubtedly, I feel more confident, and people are much more appreciative (and makeup is considered as "manner" in Korea, so if you met someone you respect with no-makeup, then you're an ill-mannered human ha!)

I'm soo glad that nowadays makeup and beauty is raved in Indonesia, more then it was, say, 2-3 years ago. Getting makeup is so much easier nowadays, beauty bloggers are everywhere, and it's totally normal for you to talk about beauty and makeup with friends, and the best part is, makeup skill is (slightly) more appreciated

Ok this was a fun post - full of blabbers and I'm not even sure what my purpose behind these post. Probably I'm just want to jump in the #pubertychallenge meme wagon, and while I'm at it, try to make a blog post out of it!

Thankyou so much for reading, peeps!
Goodnight Sugars <3

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