REVIEW : MIZON Black Clean Up Pore Deep Cleanser Sebum Control Silky Skin

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      PRODUCT NAME      
Mizon Black Clean Up Pore Deep Cleanser Sebum Control Silky Skin 

        type of product        
Face Cleanser + Scrub

IDR 179.000 
KRW 15.000

Mizon Korean Website

Hey!! Today I’m going to review a cleanser from Mizon! Elsyoungid.com sent me Mizon products, and honestly it’s my first time trying this brand! Apparently, this product is also Mizon's best selling, I knew that from looking around their Korean website!

The tube came in with a screw up tab. First the product came up greyish, as it contain charcoal. Charcoal property is great for pore reducing and great for oily combination skin. As you work it into the skin, it began to turn white and bubbly, like other cleanser! So don't think it'll stain your face or what =.=

Not only charcoal, this cleanser also contain dead sea salt scrub. I can definitely feel the scrubs! It almost feel like it’s a face scrub more to a face cleanser, but of course it’s still light enough to use for daily. 

Me personally I use this face cleanser in rotation with my other cleanser, just like exfoliator, I don’t use this everyday but you definitely can.

On the packaging it’s said that it’ll find and resolves the essential causes of enlarged pores. While I don’t have specific problem with pores, but products that are great for big pores are most likely also works for oily skin. The owner of elsyoungid.com personally recommended this particular product.

Overall, I love this product! Mostly because it exfoliates softly, but still works! And what I love so much is how it didn’t strips off my natural face oil completely, leaving my face clean but still not tight and you know, that super dry feel that you get after you wash your face? 

You can purchase this product from elsyoungid.com - they have MIZON’s products from skin care and makeup, also Benton products! :D They’re very trustable and their packaging is super!! They totally took care of the shipping that you shouldn’t worry about your products, they’ll arrive safely and perfect! XD

Still have one more product to review from MIZON! So take care and I’ll see you soon! 

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