How's life been treating me so far!

Winter, cold, broke, nothing to do.
That is my winter break summary

You know when somebody had been doing nothing for more than a week, its body will be accustomed to do NOTHING for the rest of its life. fml. Because it is happening to me. I ought to search something to filled in my holiday!!

Because after my TOPIK test, i don't have any class to attend anymore, nor i had any part-time job from the start.

I've been watching A LOT of tv-show, i watched Friends, The Big Bang Theory (thankyou 9gag!), several reality tv shows, Modern Family, BUT THEY BETRAYED ME. They ran out way before my holiday finished.

And i found out another addiction recently, it's GHIBLI STUDIO! I've only watched My Neighbor Totoro (which it fantastic btw) after my senior forced me to do. Feels like I've lost my half my childhood happiness because I didn't watch it when i was 6 or something.

So i download a bunch of Ghibli's masterpiece and TOTALLY ADDICTED. So far I've only watched the one I'm familiar with but I'm going to watched it all. My favorites so far are Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away and Nausicaa. It was too magical and not long after i watched it, i still dreamt about the world the Ghibli characters are living in.


There's one time i can't sleep and it was because of caffeine i drank just before i went to sleep (damn you canned coffee!) Usually it didn't do any good to me, but this time, I was FULLY AWAKED. Can't sleep and too active to just stayed and read comics.

SO i walked to Gwanganli Beach. After asking here-and-there (Actually it was pretty close by, but I just can't remember the way, stupid me). Believe me or not, i arrived to the beach by smelling the sea and following the stream. haha. like a dog

It was tiring but i think it's worthed the walk! I mean, i could smell the sea so early in the morning. There are almost nobody around, except some grandma-grandpas doing morning exercise.

I almost couldn't capture anything when i walked to gwangan, because it was literally still really dark. It's around 7 am I guess. But because it is winter, it's not yet the time for the sun to awake...

The fish boats just arrived

The fish market is so fresh! They just captured it and cut it on the place. The smell reminds me of Indonesia traditional markets. Makes me missed my mom a lot! ;")

curiosity beats the brain. Touched the water AND IT WAS FREEZING COLD. 

didn't notice these great graffiti on my way. Realize it was awesome only after the sunrises.

After all that journey, I was really hungry so i stopped by the nearest McD. fml. My effort seems flew away in the second i asked for more salt to my breakfast set. lol

And i had sore feet for about 2 days in a row. That's what you get if you had 'surprise' sport. 

Closing up with my picture. ignore my greasy hair.


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